The most amazing butterfly braid hairstyles

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Have you ever tried to imagine your hair being styled like a beautiful butterfly? That’s so wonderful. Butterfly braid is a rather sophisticated structure with elaborately shaped braids inspired by butterflies. It has become a new and very popular trend, especially for girls with long and thick hair. However, it’s not easy to do, so, maybe you need to have some specific ideas through these looks of this hairstyle. We are willing to recommend the butterfly braid hair that makes you become most impressed below. Now is the time for you to discover this interesting style.

1. Unique butterfly braid

Butterflies are exactly the inspirations for this unique hairstyle. The butterfly braids are small and run around, while the rest of the hair forms beautiful butterfly wings. You need to use hairpins to fix this hairstyle. Long and smooth hair is the most ideal for this style. You will look lovely and impressive.

Unique butterfly braid

2. Long single butterfly braid

As mentioned above, long hair is perfectly suited to this butterfly braid hair. It began to be made up of hair in the front with two big braids that running down the back. Then, two big braids were combined as a braid and continue to the end of the tail to have a beautiful ponytail. To create a butterfly effect, you will pull out the braid pretty much. I love the charming beauty of both the front butterfly braids and the back braided ponytail.

Long single butterfly braid

3. Double butterfly braids

If the single butterfly braid starts from two braids on the top and ends by putting together a braid on the tail, the double butterfly braids hairstyle has some other points. That still retains the original two braids that are made up to the ends of the hair without combined them together. This is a great hair idea suitable for girls who love the dynamic and personality style.

Double butterfly braids

4. Trendy butterfly braid updo

Next, we want to introduce to you this beautiful butterfly braid updo hairstyle. Butterfly braids have been enhanced with more luxurious beauty by updo on the top of the head. You can also see some yellow small accessory beads attached to this hair to create great accents. Everything is perfect to attend any special occasion. It’s really lovely and neat.

Trendy butterfly braid updo

5. Curly butterfly braid

Do you own curly hair? Is it suitable to have butterfly braids? Of course, the answer is yes. Your curls are ideal for creating beautiful butterfly braids. They look more natural with a few small curls that are dropped like a butterfly’s beard. The braid is made up of entire hair and adorned with highlight hair accessories. She looks so attractive and sexy with a mysterious beauty.

Curly butterfly braid

6. Side butterfly braids

This is a very elegant hairstyle, suitable for special occasions, such as a party or a meeting. The braid is tied to the side and low. It brings polite and decent beauty. As you can see, the combination of accessories like eye-catching earrings will make this hairstyle more wonderful.

Side butterfly braids

7. Red butterfly braids

If you love rebellious colors, the next idea is for you. A butterfly that colorful is always more beautiful. So, red butterfly braids are also amazing. You can make a light braided hairstyle on aside like her or any hairstyle that you love. If the bright red tone is not suitable for your skin, try darker red tones, the result will still completely please you.

Red butterfly braids

8. Butterfly halo braid

You will have to say “WOW” when you see this hairstyle. The butterfly halo braid is a really unique style. You will have a really thick and long butterfly braid that is enough to wrap your head like a hair hat. If your hair is short or too thin, try using hair extensions to make this hairstyle. You can highlight dye your hair with some outstanding colors like red, green, blue, yellow, … These hair colors will run alternately on your halo. That’s so cute. It is suitable for any elegant lady in a beautiful party.

Butterfly halo braid

9. Ombre butterfly braid

The two-colored effect will be great for the butterfly braid. Your hair will be fashionable with new beauty. You should choose the ombre color between two opposing colors to highlight the butterfly braid with the hair at the top of your head. I love it so much fun in it.

Ombre butterfly braid

10. Butterfly braid upper half

This is a popular and simple style but is a new level with butterfly braids. It looks elegant but still has its own unique features. Simplicity is the key to this hairstyle, your butterfly braid will become even more prominent. It fits perfectly with all girls and can be done at home.

Butterfly braid upper half

The list may have satisfied the curiosity that many women on new hairstyles inspired by the butterfly. We also have a big love for these beautiful and complex butterfly braid. It would be great if you try one of the styles that we introduced for yourself. Whether you go out with a friend or go to the office, it still makes you become attractive in the crowd. There is no reason for you not to choose this hairstyle. If you are looking for hair products to support this styling such as hair extensions or wigs – in case your hair is too short or thin, contact us, the best Vietnamese hair vendors in Vietnam Luxshine Hair to get the best advice.  

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