Bulk Hair Extensions: Unbelievable Usages You Never Ever Think Of

Normally, people buy weft hair to make wig or full head application with sew-in or quick weave, tape in hair and keratin hair to add length and volume. What we can do with bulk hair extensions when there is no bonding places to attach the extensions to our natural hair? In fact, this type of hair extensions has many benefits that are much versatile than any others. Let’s find out how to use it right now!

Wholesalers buy bulk hair for?

People buy hair extensions in big quantity are the owner of a hair company, a hair shop or a hair salon. Hence, there are 3 main purposes to buy bulk hair extensions in this case.

Firstly, they resell hair directly without any hair change.

Secondly, they turn it into different hair extensions such as weave hair, tape hair, keratin hair, etc. then retail them to other customers.

The last one is to use for their hair salon. Depending on the technique they have, the skills their staff owns, as well as the demands of their clients. Hair salons in Russia, for example, usually make keratin hair extensions from bulk hair by themselves and then apply to their clients. On the other hand, people in America buy it for making wigs instead.



Why do these wholesalers buy bulk hair instead of buying the right type of hair extensions they want? It’s all about the cost and the design. In general, bulk hair is much cheaper than any other types when you purchase them from the factory. At the same time, the other types cannot fit their demands. Keratin hair extensions, for instance, have some shapes of tips with different sizes that may not suitable. As a result, they prefer to create products by their own.

Hair extensions wearers buy bulk hair for?


This is one of the very first way to use this type and it is also the most popular in American – African community. Among many braiding styles, Dutch braids, micro braiding and cornrows are beloved a lot. Each of them has different ways to do but all of them require skillful hairstylists for sure. Among them, Dutch braid is  the most beloved choice by many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Rihanna, etc.



You may wonder how we can make ponytail with bulk hair when there are no bonding place. Yeah, it doesn’t have but we can make one.

First of all, you need to lay your hair down. Basing on your hobby, you can style it in different styles. The easiest way is to slick it back with gel and tie your natural hair into a ponytail. You can also make a small bun if it’s too long.

Afterwards, fold your bulk hair to make a loop, then let an elastic band through the loop. It will be the bond between hair extensions and your real hair.

Next, you just tie the elastic band to your natural ponytail and take a hair strand, make it as straight as possible with hair gel and wrap around the bond. And done!

Ponytail from bulk hair

It’s really easy and impressive, huh? However, it is suitable to synthetic hair only. For human hair such as virgin hair and remy hair, the cuticles remained will create tangle hair when we fold the bulk hair. Hence, non-remy hair is also a great choice. Besides, you can also make ponytail with weave hair extensions via quick weave method which allows you to use human hair extensions for best look.


This method is also a favorite choice for black women to change their look completely. While braiding hair create a tidy and neat look, crochet is usually applied to curly bulk hair only which brings in a bouncy and voluminous look. Why curly hair? It’s due to the cons of crochet. When installing it, you need to turn your natural hair into cornrows, then knot bulk hair through the braids. That’s the reason why the hair need to cover the bonds which straight hair or wavy hair cannot do.

crochet bulk hair extensions


It sound weird because you hear about using micro link to keratin hair, to weave hair only, right? In fact, it truly works. Let’s see how hairstylist can do it.

micro link bulk hair

You need to prepare a hook set and pliers for this application. Also, a tail comb is in need to make clear part. You need to hook a small hair strand through a micro link, then fold your bulk hair and hook its loop through the micro link. Afterwards, you use the pliers to make it fixed. You should try your best to make the seam as small as possible.

Like ponytail, human hair will get trouble when being folded like we mention above. Hence, you need to make 2 unequal part when doubling it. The shorter part will be removed with scissors so it should not be too long or you waste the hair.


Application with fiberglass

Fiberglass is a highly elastic material with transparent color. It can be made into many different shapes. In terms of hair extension, we use fiberglass in forms of wires. In short words, we tie the bulk hair into our natural hair strands. This method requires a lot of efforts and skills so that not many hairstylist use.

fiberglass hair extensions application

All of usages of bulk hair above are the most popular ones. There may be different ways to apply it, if you know any of them, please let me know in comment section. If you find this post is informative, let’s share it with your friends and family. In case you need any human hair bulk hair extensions, please contact us. We guarantee our products are 100% Remy Human Hair with high quality for soft and smooth products that are durable and beautiful in long time. Our team – Luxshinehair is always ready to support and help you to understand our products more.

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