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Blue is considered one of the most versatile hair color due to its vibrancy. It can’t be denied that this color looks gorgeous in its own way. If you are seeking for a trendy hair color and have a desire for standing out of the crowd, this darling color should be your option. Are you ready to dye your hair? Keep reading to know more about midnight blue hair. 

Midnight Blue Hair

1. What is midnight blue hair?

As it is called, midnight blue hair color is the combination of dark blue and black hues. The hair color is named for the identifiably blue color of a moonlight on the sky. The amazing combination gives off a mysterious and bold look. Whether you have cold or warm skin tone, midnight blue hair dye still matches perfectly with your complexion and brings healthy-looking.

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midnight blue short hair

2. Is midnight blue the same as navy blue?

Even though both of them are dark shades of blue, navy blue is different with the dark shade of blue night sky. The truth is that midnight blue is darker than navy blue and it is considered to be the deepest shade of blue. If you are looking for something lighter, navy blue will be your excellent choice. Take a look at Kylie Jenner hair in this picture. She looks so charming and nobody can’t keep their eyes off her. Take the dare and try this dark blue hair color.

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navy blue

3. Inspiring hairstyles for dark blue hair color

Blue on long hair

Having said that blue hair obviously looks vividly. If you own a long wavy hair, the deep, midnight blue hair color will make your hair more eye-catching. Long hair has ability to grab people’s attention with matching waves toward the end. Now girls can be confident with their unique and stunning hair color.

Blue on long hair

Deep Midnight and Navy Blue

Another option for those seeking for impressive appearance. The combination of midnight navy blue looks gorgeous on medium hair length. The shades of blue are ideal for everyone, especially for pinkish undertones. It is exactly fashionable color for girls.

Deep Midnight

Ash Midnight Blue

Are you still not sure of what color to try out? This hair color will definitely surprise you due to its smoky night blue hues. Adding some ash tones to dark blue color catch other attention with your beautiful hair. The dramatic color transition makes your hair look absolutely chic and amazing.

Ash Midnight Blue

4. Coolest midnight blue black hair

If you have straight hair and fall in love with midnight blue black hair, the glamorous hairstyles below are able to give you an attractive appearance. Let’s discover your best hairdo with this hair color.

Blue black bob

The natural black hair color combined with dark blue highlight will give you stunning beauty. The twist in hue make your hair looks absolutely noticeable. If you own a bob hair, let’s think about this hair color and rock your hairstyle.

Blue black bob

Blue black lob

Another idea for you is cool lob. This hairdo is darkest at the root and works well on medium hair length. This hair color is perfect option for those who have a desire for unique appearance.

Blue black lob

5. Best Midnight Blue Hair Dye

If you are thinking about DIY hair color option, some kinds of hair dye below will help you obtain your dream hair color. Like all hair colors, dark blue hair dye can be found in various of shades, so it is important to discover the right option for your hair. Well, to help you make the decision, we count down top three midnight blue hair dye for you.

La Riche Directions Semi-Perm Hair Color in Midnight Blue

Thinking about dark blue hair dye, it can’t help to mention La Riche Directions Semi-Perm Hair Color in Midnight Blue. The hair dye is made completely from vegan ingredients, so the product is absolutely safe for your scalp and your hair, as well. Depending on your hair type, the dye is able to last up from 3 to 6 weeks. Give your hair beautiful shade of dark blue with this hair dye.

La Riche Directions Semi Perm Hair Color in Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue Black Permanent Hair Color by Ion

If you like permanent hair color, why don’t you take a look at Midnight Blue Black Permanent Hair Color by Ion. It will be your excellent choice because the impeccable utilization of pure Ionic micro pigments is able to bring a deeper color. You will not be afraid of the wrong dye with this product.

Midnight Blue Black Permanent Hair Color by Ion

Splat Rebellious Semi-Permanent Fantasy Complete Hair Color

This hair dye promises to bring the right hair color that girls are looking for. It claims to suit the specific expectation of each customer. The hair color can improve the texture of your hair and leave you healthy hair. With four shades of blue, girls are able to confident of their gorgeous dark blue hairstyles.

Splat Rebellious Semi Permanent Fantasy Complete Hair Color

Do you find out the inspiration for your hair color for this season? The smart hair color option definitely helps you stand out in the crowd. If you have any queries, please send Luxshinehair your questions via our social media or in the comment section below and ask for verification.

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