Breathtaking short natural hairstyles to try in 2020

As the new year draws near, you might be seeking for a trendy hairstyle to kick off your gorgeous appearance. If you own natural short hair or thinking about short haircut, it’s time for you to find your inspiration. Nobody can deny that short hair will save a lot of time and effort for styling hair and it’s also a popular hair trend among celebrities today. There are tons of different hairstyles you can wear on short natural hair, so in fact you can switch up your style every single day. Draw your short hair inspiration from these short hairstyles below.

short natural hairstyles

1. Protective styles for short natural hair

If you are having long hair, it might be challenged with you to find protective hairdos with your expectation. In the world of natural short hair, protective styles can include twist, updo or braid hairstyle. There are various of protective hairdos for, so let’s take a look to find out your favorite style.

twisted hair

Twists are quite easy to style into protective fashion. The hair requires little maintenance but look so amazing. If you really want to emphasize your short cut, short twist hairstyle will be your perfect option.

feathered short hair

It’s can’t be denied that short hair never goes out of style. Princess Diana who was known as a fashion icon of Britain looked so charming in short hairstyle at her wedding in 1981. The hairdo looks so simple but nobody can’t take their eyes off her. Even today people still follow her hairstyle. So, be confident and try your new short hair style this year.

2. Style curls for short natural hair

#1. Bouncy Curls

Are you falling in love with beautiful curls? Looking at this picture, the bouncy curls which are slightly looser than tight curls enhance your gorgeous look. The good news is that the hairstyle can match with different facial structures. It can said that the simple short natural hairstyle such as bouncy curls will never go outdated.

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Bouncy Curls

#2. Natural twist

There is nothing better than letting your hair go natural. With natural twist hairstyle, you no longer spend a lot of effort to keep your hair in shape. No matter if you have fair or dark skin tone, the short hairdo will enhance your facial features and let your beautiful skin shine. For this season, perhaps natural twist is an ideal choice.

Natural twist

#3. Braids for short curly hair

If you want to change up your short haircut, let’s think about braided hairstyle for short curly hair. Natural curls look fantastic when you braid your hair into a bang. Remember to rock your hair with suitable hair color.

Braids for short curly hair

3. Short natural hair styles for black women

Speaking of the symbol of short hair for black women, we can’t help taking about Lupita Nyong’o. She has unique beauty and often keeps her hair cut short. Her glamorous short hairstyle proved that hair length doesn’t matter. The versatility of her natural afro hair makes her stand out in the crowd. If you are thinking about an incredible short hairdo, Lupita Nyong’o’s hairdo won’t make you feel disappointed.

Short natural hair styles for black women

4. Short hairstyles for natural straight hair

Are you tired with curly hair? If your answer is yes, sleek straight hairstyle will be a perfect way to transform your look. In fact, sleek straight hair has ability to bring girls effortless elegance. The haircut works well with all types of face and look best if you can choose the right hair color.

natural straight hair

5. Natural short waves for girls

Draws the eye to your lovely features with natural waves in bob. Wearing short natural hair not only saves your time but also brings you romantic look. The perfect shade of waves make you look so beautiful and sexy. To achieve this gorgeous look, be ready to style your short hair this year.

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Natural short waves for girls

Do you discover your short-hairstyle idea for this year? The short natural hairstyles make girls look so pretty and help them save a lot of time to maintain hair in shape. For that reason, if should you have any queries, please send Luxshinehair  your questions via our social media or in the comment section below and ask for verification. We’d love to see your comment, and we wish to stumble across your story as soon as possible.

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