Braids Hairstyles For Black Kids

Do you know that braided hairstyles are loved by not only adults but also kids? Many stars or idols on TV wear different fabulous hairstyles with braids, which promotes children to follow. Honestly, a braid hairdo makes your kids so good-looking and fashionable.

Kids are often active and playful. After taking part in a bunch of activities, their fine hair can become tangled and frizzy, especially long hair. So, it is favored to braid their hair with various hairstyles. There are a variety of hairdos that you can apply for your kids to make them become neat and adorable in any circumstances.

Today, we would like to show you top 8 braids hairstyles for black kids. You can choose one or more for your princess. Now, let’s start!

Braids hairstyles for black kids

Top 8 Braids Hairstyles for Black Kids

1. Braided Buns

The first braided hairstyle for black kids we would like to introduce today is Braided Buns. All you need to do is to plait your kid’s hair into many thin cornrows and then wrap all of them into a bun. With some simple steps, you have created a cute hairstyle for your princess. So many small cornrows like this will make a lot of space for imagination. Specially, when mixed with the buns, it will bring a feeling of happy and energetic.

Braided buns

2. Ponytail with Cornrows

Ponytail is so familiar to most of us, especially children. But try to change your kid’s ponytail hairstyle with small cornrows. With the cornrow ponytail, your kid will play freely without any worries about their hair. She will look so cute and sweet with the ponytail on the top, along with a nice and colorful hair band. This hairstyle must will help her to get good comments from friends.

Ponytail with cornrows

3. Side Swept Braids

This is one of the most popular braid hairstyles for black kids. To make this hairstyle for your kid, you need to plait from a side and remain an angle till you get to the other side of her head. The side swept braids must give kids a unique characteristic and impressive appearance.

Side Swept Braids

4.  Dutch braids

Dutch braids are loved by both adults and kids because they give your child a new and positive vibration. It is not hard for you to create this braided hairstyle for your girl. But, remember to avoid making her braids too tight since it can cause uncomfortable feelings and more seriously unwanted damages to her scalp.

Dutch braids

5. Zig-Zag Hairstyle

When it comes to braids, there are hundreds of hairstyle for you to create. Each has its unique characteristics and is loved by almost babies. So does zig-zag hairstyle. This up-do gives your child’s hair a special and lovely appearance, which draws the eye sights of others. A kid with this hairstyle can feel more confident when going to school as well as taking part in many activities. So, let your kid show her personality confidently.

Zig Zag Hairstyle

6. Trail Braid Hairstyle

Trail braids is not strange to black kids. Specially, in recent days an increasing number of children choose this hairdo for school events or dances. It seems so disheartening to make, but don’t worry, everything is really easy. Why is it called “trail braids”? Like its name, you need to create several sections of hair and then braid them from the crown to the ends of hair strands. After finishing, you will see it look a trail. With kids owning long hair, this hairstyle is for them. Because it not only brings an elegant and beautiful look but also gives kids cuteness as well as charm. To make it more attractive, you can add some colorful beads on your kid’s hair.

Trail Braid Hairstyle

7. Bantu Knot Braid Hairstyle

If your child loves sports or strong activities, Bantu Knot Braid hairstyle is the most suitable one for them. The braids are carried out on the scalp. This hairdo is believed to be wonderful for black kids. It is convenient in summer and also brings an energetic and playful look for them. You can use colorful breads to tie the ends of the breads to make them interesting.

Bantu Knot Braid Hairstyle

8. The Mini Braid Hairstyle

The mini braid hairstyle is very cute for almost children, especially toddler with short hair. So, this hairdo makes her super adorable and sweet. Whether there is anyone who doesn’t love such a cute baby or not? Turn cute little curls into mini braids and tie these braids with pink or orange breads. How adorable she is! You will want to take some pictures of her immediately.

Mini Braid Hairstyle

How do you feel about braids hairstyles for black kids we have mentioned above? Imagine your kid will look so amazing and lovely in these hairdos. If your child’s hair is short and she always dreams of long hair to make more different beautiful braided hairstyles, you can find out hair extensions of Luxshinehair. This company supplies a lot of great and gorgeous hair extensions for customers. Continue to read our articles to have more useful information about hair.

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