Box Braids and necessary things you should know

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If you are an African American woman, the description of box braids is completely not strange but if you are a person who has never ever known this hairstyle, don’t hurry to ignore their interesting information about them right in our article. Box braids look full of creativeness and impression so that they are more and more loved by women all over the world. Let’s check them out with Luxshinehair right now!

Box braids

1. What are box braids?

Perhaps, you have had some imagination box braid hairstyle via its name so let’s try exploring whether your thought is right or not! Indeed, when you see box braids’ images, you will actually have to recognize that they look like dookie braids or yarn braids. However, the special thing is that helps us differentiate among these braid hairstyles is “box shape”. Simply, this box braid hairstyle consists of squared- shape hair divisions like boxes. It gives fixed shapes of braids on head instead of various shapes of dookie braids or yarn braid.

Hair braids are made in the classical style and their length or thickness can be added thanks to strands of bulk real hair extentions, synthetic hair or yarn. You can keep box braids for quite a long time with many different impressive images. Of course, box braids are completely suitable for every girl with thick hair, thin hair and also sparse hair to have a perfect appearance.

box braid

2. How to box braid?

Box braiding is quite simple and easy but it can take you much time to make because you have to braid your whole hair with many braid strands. The smaller braid strands you make, the more braids strands you create. Thus, time you make this hairstyle also becomes longer. However, the result is completely worthy so that you don’t need to worry. You should ask for another help from a hairstylist or your friend to make it quickly and more regularly.

Step 1: Brushing hair

This step is simple but always necessary, especially for American and African women. Because their hair is relatively curly and rough, hair is often to be tangled. Brushing hair helps hair look smooth and be easy to make box braids.

Brushing the hair

Step 2: Starting with hair which is closest to nape

Let’s start with hair which is close to your nape because it is where you can make box braids with the most regular and easier box shapes. Thing you need to do is making a horizontal line and fixing all hair above with elastics and clips.

Step 3: Make a box shape of hair

First, you need to smearing a kind of specialized gel on hair. Indeed, you can ignore this step. However, smearing special gel on hair not only helps to moisture your hair but also help you to make “square shapes” of hair easily. After you’ve seperated your hair with a horizontal line( on step 2) and smeared gel( if necessary), continuing making a vertical line  to make a box shape. The size of the hair box is completely up to your hobby. Commonly, you can create about 3 to 4 hair boxes on the hair part which is close to nape.

how to box braid

Step 4: Box braiding

Let’s braid hair like the way you braid common three- strand braids. Instead of braiding your real hair merely, you need to take a piece of bulk hair extentions or synthetic hair and then braid them together. The thicker synthetic hair is, the bigger the box braid strand is.

  • Firstly, you fold a strand of hair extensions with your forefinger so as to it make into two equal strands.
  • Next, pass it through the strand of real hair which is determined and twist real hair and synthetic hair toghether.
  • Then, braid hair like the way you make common three- strand braids. You can add every length size you want with hair extensions.

Step 5: Making other box braids

Using these steps to make other box braids on your hair. You should take notice and be careful to make hair boxes which look beautiful and impressive. The last result is that you will have your whole hair be braided with square shapes on the scalp.

Box braids 2

3. How to have beautiful box braids


With box braid hairstyle, you have various different ways to make eye- catching styles. You can make small box braids which look full and natural with traditional black hair color or transform your appearance with colorful synthetic hair. Or else, braiding hair in big size will make impressive braids and help box shapes on your scalp to be clearly displayed.

Box braids 3

Box braids 4

You can also use wavy or curly hair extensions to make curly ends of hair without making complex styles with your own real hair. This perfect combination between braid hair and curly hair will actually make beautiful images that take you by surprise.

Box braids 5


Although box braids can be kept for some months, you should still protect them carefully. Moisturing hair frequently with special shampoos and gels to keep hair always look clean and sleek. However, don’t be too much because you can make tangles and then box braids will look very bad.

When going to bed, you should use a clean big tower to wind hair braids. That will help your hair not be tangled or be happened with unexpected folds.

Going to hair salon when you feel that box braids need to be taken off or when you feel any bad effect on your hair or scalp like fungus or lice. Let’s always protect your hair in the best situation so that box braids will never make you disappoint no matter you make a high or low ponytail style, a top knot style, a half up style, etc. On the other hand, they are so creative and attractive that make you become outstanding on every special occasion.

Box braids 6

For now, why don’t you renewing your appearance with these wonderful box braids? Millions of women all over the world have had these styles and they are all feel satisfy with their fresh images. For demands of bulk hair extensions to make box braids or any other hair extensions, don’t hesitate to contact Luxshinehair immediately. We always bring you the best Vietnam hair products and most interesting information of hair to help you have the most gorgeous appearance.

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