Black Girl With Blonde Hair

In the past, a lot of black girls didn’t have enough confidence to color their hair with blonde. However, everything is different today. The blonde hair hue on dark skin has become a trend recently. Many dark-skinned girls show their excitement when dyeing their hair with blonde shades. They think that this is one of the wonderful ways to express their own characteristics and personality. That is the reason why a black girl with blonde hair always attracts others’ attention. There isn’t anything called the wrong blonde color on dark skin because your mood at that time will decide all.

In addition, if you are still in a divided mind, you can try beautiful hair extensions with different blonde shades instead of dyeing your hair directly. To find high-qualified hair extensions, come to Luxshinehair. You must be satisfied with the hair products provided by this company. So, now, we would like to share with you top 6 gorgeous blonde hair shades on dark skin.

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6 Amazing Blonde Hair Shades on Dark Skin

If you are wondering which blonde hue is really perfect to you, look at 6 options below. In case, you aren’t willing to dye your hair with white blonde shades, try golden blonde or honey blonde first. More carefully, ask your hair stylist before making any coloring. Now, discover 6 amazing blonde hair shades on dark skin together.

1. Grey Blonde for Black Girls

This color usually changes from ash blonde to grey-blonde, which gives you a fabulous look. While ash blonde hue evokes a little warmth, grey-blonde brings a feeling of coming off icy. This is not a traditional shade so it is completely proper to girls loving a difference.

Beside, girls with dark skin can mix this color with highlights, ombre or dark roots. If you are not sure whether you love it or not, try it out to avoid risks.

Grey Blonde for Black Women

2. Bright Golden Hues for Black Girls

The dark skin combined with this color will definitely create an impressive hairstyle. You will be surprised with what this combination brings for your appearance. We are sure that this bright blonde golden hairstyles for black girls will become one of the most beloved up-dos, especially if you own a naturally yellowish or golden skin hues.

Bright Golden for Black Girls

3. Platinum Blonde with Dark Roots for Black Girls

The platinum blonde with dark roots might not be a cup of tea of many people. But, you know this shade is really suitable to the black skin. So, there is no reason for you not to try this color once in your life. As Eva Marcille, famous for winning the America’s Next Top Model, used to rock this shade on the stage. It seems that the platinum blonde is considered as one of the colors with several silent risks. Therefore, a variety black girls are often discreet to try it. But, don’t worry, why do you have to be afraid while hair techniques become more modern today? You can definitely change anything even a disaster to a different look as long as you are confident with it.

Platinum Blonde with Dark Roots for Black Girls

4. Golden Auburn for Black Girls

If you have a dark skin and are planning to straighten your hair, you shouldn’t color it with light blonde. Why? In fact, if you apply this color, it can make you become unimpressive in font of the crowd. On other hands, think about dyeing your hair with golden auburn shades. This golden auburn will create a special difference that you really need.

Golden Auburn for Black Girls

5. Long Creamy Tresses for Black Girls

As an example of a creamy blonde hair, long creamy tresses look wonderful on dark skin. This color fits both straight and curly hair. Creamy blonde hair strands fall naturally around a face of a black girl.

Long Creamy Tresses for Black Girls

6. Pink Blonde Hair for Black Girls

Pink is an interesting color, so what do you think about mixing this color with your hair? This pink blonde hair color used to be unloved and criticized in the past, but now, it gradually becomes familiar to everyone. You can meet someone who is willing to come to salons for trying something new and different with their hair. Pink blonde hair is worn by black girls hoping to change their style and raise it to the new level.

Pink Blonde Hair for Black Girls

Do you find the perfect blonde hair color for yourself? We hope that with our sharing today, you can throw all worries about applying a blonde hair shade on dark skin. Wish you have a gorgeous blonde hairstyle as you dream of.

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