Best Professional Hair Color To Cover Gray

What appears in your mind firstly when mentioning aging process? It must be gray hair, right? Undoubtedly, gray hair becomes a terrible obsession to almost people, especially those aged in over 30 years old. Although gray hair is a natural process of aging, there are a number of different reasons making this problem more serious like stress, poor health or polluted environment.

While some is ready to face with this problem, others are finding various ways to cover their gray hair. One of the most popular methods is coloring hair for gray coverage. Lots of people think simply to run into a drugstore and buy a box of dye and then temporarily hide their gray hair under color. But, be careful! Those colors can damage your hair terribly because of chemicals contained in them. That is the reason why we would like to share a list of best professional hair color to cover gray and bring a natural beauty for your hair.

1. Permanent Hair Color to Cover Grey Hair

While semi-permanent hair dye can stay in your hair for a short time (like 1-2 weeks only), permanent colors help to hide your gray until new hair grow up. Hydrogen peroxide and Ammonia in these hair dyes play an important role in bonding your hair and the color. However, it is advised that you should dye your hair with lighter shades because darker colors can make your hair unnatural as well as show grey roots more quickly.


Below are some permanent hair colors for gray coverage at home.

L’Oreal Excellence Crème

L’Oreal Excellence Crème is known as one of the most wonderful dyes since it can cover your gray completely. It consists of Ceramide, Collagen and Pro-keratin that protect and provide your hair with necessary nutrients. Besides, collagen aids in conditioning the hair for 8 weeks.

Clairol Nice’N & Easy

Clairol Nice’N & Easy can give you an absolute grey coverage, which makes you feel secure when using.  This color is regarded as the best one for lighter hair shades due to its excellent grey covering. Clairol Nice’N & Easy is able to be applied on all hair textures and types. Furthermore, it also helps to condition your hair during dyeing it. But this product has some downsides like unpleasant smell. After each six to eight weeks of coloring, you should reuse this color when the roots of hair grow.

2. Semi-Permanent Hair Color to Cover Grey Hair

The semi-permanent and demi-permanent hair color is another choice for you to hide gray hair although it just lasts a fewer period of time, compared with the permanent hair color. What’s more, this color doesn’t assist in lightening your hair because its ingredients don’t include strong enough ammonia or peroxide like the permanent one.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color to Cover Grey Hair

Several semi-permanent hair colors to dye gray hair at home

Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color

For those who just need to hide their gray hair in short time, Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color is one of the perfect dyes. Why do we say that? As can be known, this product comprises an important ingredient, called antioxidants, which stop the development of harmful molecules and make your hair healthier as well cover gray hair effectively. You must be surprised with the amazing result this dye brings. Besides being gentle on hair, Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color will be disappear naturally and don’t leave any orange tones for your hair.

Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color

Wella Color Charm

Known as a demi-permanent dye, Wella Color Charm has been beloved and believed by almost customers in the world. Having no ammonia in its ingredients, this hair color gives your hair natural looking and unexpected results.  In addition, the processing time is quite short, just within 20 minutes, which helps you to save time a lot instead of waiting hours in salons for dyeing hair. However, you need to remember, this hair color must be mixed with Color Charm Activating Lotion when using.

Wella Color Charm

3. Some advices for longer and healthier dyed gray hair

After dying, there are 2 problems that everyone cares about. That is how to keep the color stay as long as possible and how to keep your hair healthy.  So, to limit the unwanted problems, it is necessary for you to follow some below recommendations:

  • Wash your hair wisely. It’s a simple hair care that many people underestimate leading to faded hair. See the post How to wash dyed hair without losing color to get the detail.
  • Always condition your hair before washing
  • Make less dry blow for your hair
  • Always remember to use conditioners as well as shampoos specialized in colored hair
  • Limit shampooing

Now, after reading our article, we hope that you will reduce your worries about how to cover your gray that makes you lack confidence and comfort in life. Continue to visit our website to find out more useful information about hair caring.

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