Best Indian Hairstyles for Wedding

The Indian culture has made a strong influence recently. It is undoubted that Indian movies introducing this country’s culture, customs or tradition are affirming their position in film industry nowadays. When seeing these films, viewers are always full of admiration with the beauty of Indian females, especially brides in wedding. They not only have fabulous clothes or makeup but they also make an impression by their unique hairstyles.

Have you ever dreamed of such gorgeous hairstyles? The answer maybe “yes”, right? Actually, there are a large number of fantastic Indian hairstyles for bride that you can try to complement your appearance. But, sometimes, you might be confused and don’t know which styles is perfect to you. That is the reason why, today, we will show you several popular Indian hairstyles for wedding. Thanks to that, you can find yourself the best one to create an alluring Indian bridal look because everybody deserves beautiful, especially in your big day.

Indian hairstyles for wedding

1. Traditional Gajra Braid

What is “Gajra”? If you usually watch Indian movies, you will run into Gajra a lot. So, it is a flower coronal often worn by Southern Asia women in several special occasions like festivals, weddings or even mixed with daily traditional costume. They are often created by a variety of jasmine flowers. In additionally, rose, crossaandra or barleria are also used to make gajras.

When decorated on bridal braided hairstyles, it highlights the beauty of Indian females in their wedding. With Traditional Gajra Braid, you will look like a gorgeous Bollywood actress in the important day of your life.

Traditional Gajra Braid

2. Messy Tiara Braid

You are a big fan of Disney cartoons, aren’t you? Have you ever dream of being a Disney princess like that? The Messy Tiara Braid will make your dream come true in your wedding. This is one of the most beloved bridal hairstyles of Indian women. This hairdo flatters their gentle and noble beauty. The combination of tiara and loose side braid will make all guests at the wedding gasp with admiration when you appear.

Messy Tiara Braid

3. Royal Phoola BillaluBraid

An Indian Bride with Royal Phoola Billaaly Braid is always praised to the sky because of her too impressive and royal hairstyle. This hairdo includes the long braid decorated with gold accessories for hair. With the support of the fantastic phoola jada (floral accessory), phoola billalu (jewel encrusted accessories) and jaada gantalu (hanging braid accessory), you will look like a royal princess walking into a luxurious castle. No one can take their eyes off such a beautiful bride. Therefore, it is not hard to understand why this bridal hairstyle becomes one of the most favorite hairdos in weddings.

Royal Phoola Billalu Braid

4. Floral Curly Fishtail Braid

Needless to say, imagine you are so attractive with Floral Curly Fishtail Braid. The curly fishtail braids embellished with flowers is the wonderful combination for your wedding, which brings the magical beauty. That is the reason why a number of Indian brides love this hairstyle.

Floral Curly Fishtail Braid

5. Messy Voluminous Princess Braid with Ringlets

Well, if you are admiring for a messy large braid hairstyle, messy voluminous princess braid is just for you. This marvelous Indian bridal hairstyle helps to volume your hair and also makes your wedding become so wonderful. Your groom’s heart must be melt by your fabulous beauty.

Messy voluminous princess braid with ringlets

6. Donut Bun

If you don’t like a bun covered totally with flowers, try the donut bun with anise and hydrangea flowers. You must be satisfied with what this hairdo brings to you. In case, your hair is thin and short, it is a great idea to wear some extensions. It will bring a surprising result.

Donut Bun

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In a nutshell, above are just several Indian hairstyles that we want to offer you. Regarding Indian Bridal hairstyles, there are hundreds of choices but you might not have enough time to do so. Therefore, you can consider some above-mentioned hairstyles that are quite helpful. If you want to explore more about other hairstyles for brides, continue to visit our website.

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