Best auburn hair color ideas for women

What do you think about vibrant hues ranging from dark to light auburn hair color? The auburn chic hair color is not only versatile but also connected with numerous skin tones. It is said that this color is essentially version of red hair, and contains both the warmth of red and ginger hair. Therefore, auburn red hair color has ability to work for tremendous people. Auburn hair color will give girls sexy but glamorous appearance. Are you ready to dye your hair? Here are some outstanding options that will be appropriate for your style.

auburn hair

1. What is auburn color ?

Among many shades of red, auburn is undoubtedly the easiest hair color for girls’ skin tones. Auburn is a reddish-brown color which range from medium to dark shades. Containing risk red color pigments, this impressive color makes girl’s hair look more vibrant than other brown base or undertone. This shade will be perfect for every girl if they know how to style light up their sleek hair.

what is auburn hair color

2. Light auburn hair color

What shade of auburn color are you looking for? If you are interested in a stunning shade, you should take a look at light tone. This hue is a blend of red and light brown and brings girls fantastic look. In order to enhance the hair beauty, girls can choose updo hairstyle or twisted ponytail. The best thing about light auburn is that works well with both warm and cool skin tones. This will be the best hair color idea to try.

Light auburn

3. Medium auburn hair color

If you can’t decide what shade of auburn hair color for your hair, why don’t you try medium auburn? Even though this is the perfect balance of red and brown hues, different shades of this color is suitable with certain type of skin tone. This shade looks bright in the combination with a neutral undertone or olive complexion.

Medium auburn hair color

4. Dark auburn hair 

What things are you expected from dark auburn? If red auburn hair color seems too daring to you, dark auburn shade will meet your expectation. An amazing thing about this color is that this shade is able to fit with numerous skin tone. What do you think about Rachel Bloom in this picture? She proved that this shade of red hair is an easy way to enhance the beauty of her hair. Everything you need to do is show off your eye-catching hair color and be confident in your appearance.

Dark auburn hair

5. Auburn brown hair color

If you feel tired with brown hair and look for something different, this color will be your ideal option. A simple way to make your hair look incredible is to consider auburn brown shade. Due to this shade, girls have an opportunity to achieve mysterious look. Besides, not all women are ready to own a full blown red shade, so auburn brown hair will be the perfect option when you want to try something new for your hairstyle.

Auburn brown hair color

6. Auburn red hair

More red than brown, this shade of red make girl’s hair look so attractive and fantastic. Even you have a long or short hair, auburn red color still has ability to grab people’s attention. It can’t be denied that this color definitely looks outstanding under the sunshine. Girls can choose curly or weave hairstyle to emphasize the soft and sleek of their hair. Having said that, auburn red hair color won’t never go out of fashion.

auburn red hair color

7. Auburn hair color with highlights

If brown hair color is too familiar with you, let’s take inspiration from Kerry Washington’s sleek and beautiful hair. It’s a perfect combination because she mixes auburn hair color with highlights with a red dress and beautiful red lipstick. It can’t be denied that she looks really charming in this picture. Having said that auburn tone with highlights are classy and timeless and girls absolutely gorgeous in this hair color.

Auburn hair color with highlights

Do you have any idea about auburn hair color for this season? We hope that these suggestions about this color above would have you make the right choice about your hair color. Don’t worry if your hair is too thin and short so as to have impressive auburn hairstyles because Luxshinehair’s real human hair extensions can help you to deal with that problems. Please visit our Luxshinehair store for more information!

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