Beautiful Indian short hairstyles for womankind

Indian women not only make impression with other people by their gentleness and soulful face but also attract attentions by beautiful and iconic hairstyles. Apart from traditional long hairstyles, many Indian women like active and modern short hairstyles. In this article, let’s together with Luxshinehair find out about these impressive short hairstyles of Indian women. Perhaps, they are also wonderful suggestions for you.

impressive short hairstyles of Indian women

1. Natural short waves

Natural wavy hairstyles are never out of fashion no matter they are short hair or long hair. The hairstyle with natural waves brings girls matureness and charm. You can see this image in everywhere because they are popular and beautiful and they are much loved by Indian women. Besides, you can also make different styles with this natural short wavy hair such as side parting, middle parting or half up half down to change into suitable styles.

Natural short waves

2. Low side bun

Indian women very like this hairstyle. Regardless of the fact that their hair is not too long, they can still beautiful low side buns. Let’s gather all your hair in a side place and make a bun. You fix it with an elastic or a string and loosen the bun to make more volume. If it looks not good, you can completely use pins or hair sprays to keep hair in the best texture.

Low side bun×4-fumi-wavy-hair-dark-brown-color

3. Faux Cornrows with sleek bob

Sleek bob is very loved by modern Indian girls since it make face look more outstanding and nobler. Adding faux cornrows right above your ear on one side is an ideal way to have a new, fashionable and impressive appearance as well as display girls’ characters. This style goes around the world and become more and more popular.

Faux Cornrows with sleek bob

4. Top knot

In hot summer days, it is sure that every girl wants to make a top knot for comfort and coolness. Moreover, this is also a trendy hairstyle of many Indian young girls because it looks so cute, fresh and pro- active. All things you need to do is tie all hair into a ponytail and roll it up into a knot on top. That’s so simple but impressive.

Top knot

5. Vintage curls

Short hair with vintage curls will actually create an outstanding image for girls. This style looks so noble and enchanting so that many Indian girls choose it for parties with royal style. We only need to add defined pin curls and carefully make styles. Using a big hairband with attractive colors will not only fix hair positions but make a good highlight for short hair as well.

Vintage curls

6. Feathered out hair

With this hairstyle, hair will be curled into romantic loose loops with tons of layers in the hair that are facing outwards. It is beautiful and easy to combine with different types like middle parting, side parting or with bangs to make bright and charming images. Therefore, it is also one of impressive styles that girls love, including Indian women.

Feathered out hair

7. Face framing short hair

Indian girls like this hairstyle because it displays softness and gentleness. It also help to raise their matureness and characters. Hair is layered and curved inside which is like the frame embracing the face. Thanks to that, girls can even cover shortcomings of rough chin or big face. Don’t forget to use hair accessories to make better highlights.

Face framing short hair

8. Seductive Curly Bob

Apart from wavy style, curly hairstyle is also popular for short hair, especially bob hair. It is absolutely beautiful and eye- catching. This hair with loose and voluminous curls is not a bad choice if you are going to take part in some luxurious event. Seductive Curly Bob

Besides, seductive curly short hairstyles are displayed variously, you can find more useful suggestions here.

9. Pixie haircut

Active girls will never ignore making a pixie haircut for themselves. It is extremely outstanding right at the first sight so that modern Indian girls often apply. Pixie haircut can be made in to various styles so it is suitable for all age groups and never becomes tedious and unfashionable. You can find more interesting pixie haircuts with short hairstyles of global celebrities like Monica Brown and Meagan Good to have more choices.

10. Crown braid

Braid hairstyles are very neat and eye- catching so that they are very popular with Indian women. Among them, you can make a crown braid hairstyles without having long hair. Short hair will fit head better and make the more natural image. Indian girls like soft and attractive images like princesses so braid crown is a wonderful suggestion. Crown braid   How do you think about these above hairstyles which are much loved in India? You need a hairstyle with naturalness, gentleness or personality and creativeness, these Indian short hairstyles can cater all of them. Let’s choose one if you feel that they are attractive and beautiful to change your hairstyle right now!

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