Beautiful 1930s hairstyles for girls with short hair

Hairstyles in any generation have their own charming characters and 1930s hairstyles are too. These hairdos bring classic and vintage styles but they are very eye- catching and impressive. Women in these days like soft and young images so that they care much about hair to have the most beautiful appearance in front of others. Let’s discover their outstanding short hairstyles and may be they will be positive sources of inspiration for your next hairstyle.

Beautiful 1930s hairstyles with short hair

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1. Side swept curly short hair

Bangs are not popular with women in 30’s decade, they often make outstanding side swept hair instead. A short bob hairstyle with curls at both sides of the face and curly side swept parting is nothing more beautiful. It gives soft and graceful images without having a smooth long hairstyle.

Side swept curly short hair

2. Finger waves

It can be considered that finger wavy hair is one of the most outstanding symbols of hairstyles for women in 1930s. Finger waves are suitable for girls at every age group. They give young girls brighter and more charming images as well as make mature women look nobler and more powerful. Even though, this hair style is also used by many famous people nowadays with more modern and active characters.

Finger waves hair

3. Curly pixie

Curly long hair is too tedious with fashionable girls in 1930s, they love choose themselves curly pixie style with fresh and active images which can displays their personality directly. Curls are skillfully and beautifully made so as not to make hair look like a mess. Combining with appropriate ornaments and clothes, curly pixie will actually make the more impressive appearance for modern girls than ever.

Curly pixie

4. Fussy curly short hair

Curly short hair is styled in various fussy ways for girls to show different images of their characters and hobbies in special occasions. It can be a classical curly short hairstyle with the front hair part made into a flower shape, a short hairstyle with curly ends and a braid line on the crown of head and so on. These fussy style will actually not make girls feel disappointed.

Fussy curly short hair

Fussy curly short hair

5. Curly hair with accessories

Accessories are never useless in fashion. A curly short hairstyle gives a new appearance while bright accessories on hair can make softness and impression. This wonderful combination makes girls have diverse and frequent changes so that this trend never goes old with girls in 30’s decade.

Curly hair with accessories


6. Deep curly short hair

In the past time, curly hair was styled variously and deep curly hair was one of the most popular styles which girls loved much. It fits perfectly with short hair and make the owner have a charming and noble. More importantly, not all people are suitable with this hairstyle so that people who can look beautiful in this style will actually the big highlight in the crowd.

Deep curly short hair

7. Big curly ends

No matter who that girl is or where she comes from, a countryside or downtown, rich family or poor home, etc, short hairstyle with big curly ends is always the style that a lot of girls chase. It gives neat and comfortable feelings as well as creative and eye- catching appearances. Combing with suitable make- up style, you will never look ugly and tedious.

Big curly ends

8. Combed back hair

This hairstyle is very attractive with girls in 30s. Hair is combed back with gels or hair sprays to keep the fixed texture. Thanks to that, the forehead will look wider and brighter. It also gives the more comfortable feeling and more balanced look on face. Obviously, this hairstyle never goes out of fashion. The clearest proof for it is that celebrities nowadays still regularly apply this style on their hair to make good highlight with fans and get positive results.

Combed back hair

9. Box bob

Box bob is a very special hairstyle. It gives the better image than other short hairstyles. Hair only has the haft- head length and the front hair part is a bit curved to embrace cheeks. This image can be suitable for different characters so that it is also an ideal choice for making a new short hairstyle for girls. Although, this style is popular from 30s, it still makes great impressions with modern girls.

1930s Box bob

We always have different choices for hairstyles and 1930s short hairstyles are also not bad suggestions. They are “old but gold” hairstyles so you don’t need to worry if making these hairstyles nowadays. In case of having any questions, feel free contacting us. Luxshinehair will always be ready to help.

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