Everything you need to know about beaded weft extensions

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Machine weft or hand-tied weft hair extensions are no strange to beauty enthusiasts. But have you ever come across the term ‘beaded weft extensions? Are they a novel type of hair extension or simply a variation of existing ones? In this blog post, Luxshine Hair aims to provide you with a comprehensive guide on Beaded Weft Extensions: All You Need to Know. We will cover their definition, advantages, and disadvantages, as well as the application process. 

Sit back, get your favorite cup of tea, and be ready to unlock a world of beaded weft hair extension knowledge!

What are beaded weft extensions? 

Beaded weft extensions are a type of hair extension method where individual strands of hair are sewn onto a horizontal strip called a weft. These wefts are then attached to the natural hair using small beads or loops. The extension strands are carefully paired with small sections of the natural hair, and the beads are clamped or secured to hold the extension in place. This method provides a secure and natural-looking extension installation, as the weft lies flat against the scalp and the beads are discreetly concealed.

What are beaded weft extensions
What are beaded weft extensions

How long does beaded weft extensions last? 

Like other types of weft extensions, beaded hair extensions have a long lifespan. Because they are crafted from 100% human hair so it is important to maintain your beaded wefts. With proper care, these extensions can endure for approximately s6 to 12 months.

How to apply for beaded weft extensions

Applying beaded weft extensions involves some steps to ensure proper attachment. Here is Luxshine’s guide to you: 

Step 1: Preparation

  • Washing and conditioning your natural hair to ensure it is clean. Divide your hair into sections, starting from the bottom and working your way up. Use clips to secure each section, keeping them separate.

Step 2: Bead placement

  • Thread a needle through a bead and a short segment of your natural hair near the roots. Place the bead close to the scalp but not too close, allowing for some movement.

Step 3: Weft attachment

  • Place the weft extension beneath the portion of natural hair where the bead is placed. Stitch the weft to the bead with a needle and thread to secure it in place. Make certain that the stitching is firm and secure.

Step 4: Repeat the process

  • Continue working with part of the sections until you finish them. 

Step 5: Blending and styles 

  • Once all of the extensions are in place, gently comb through the parts of natural hair to merge the extensions with your own hair. Create your desired hairstyle.

Now, that’s the end of the beaded weft application process!

How to apply for beaded weft extensions
How to apply for beaded weft extensions

Are beaded weft extensions damage your hair? 

Some hair extension methods could damage natural hair by using heat or glue. This is definitely an unexpected thing for wearing extension people. But, the good news is, this should not happen with bead hair extensions. Great, right?

The bead of weft hair extension is just attached to your hair by gently sliding it onto a small section of your natural hair near the roots. It allows for easy installation and removal. So you can. You can feel secure when using it.

Pros of wearing beaded weft extensions

Beaded weft hair extensions have outstanding benefits to women around the world in the beauty industry.


Due to the efficient application process of beaded weft hair extensions, you will ultimately save a significant amount of money on your stylist’s time. This cost-saving advantage sets them apart from slower techniques such as I-tips or bonds, allowing you to potentially save hundreds of dollars.

Secure and Discrete 

The bead weft hair extension is expertly attached to your natural hair by hand, ensuring complete invisibility. A meticulous stitching technique is employed to securely fasten the extension to your own hair, offering peace of mind in any situation. Rest assured, the extension will not become loose or noticeable, allowing you to confidently enjoy your enhanced hairstyle without any concerns.

No Heat, No Glue, and No Damage 

The beaded weft is secured in place using a stitching technique, eliminating the need for harsh adhesives such as glue, tape, or heat found in other methods. This thoughtful approach avoids any potential damage to your hair and minimizes the risk of severe matting and tangling.

Beaded wefts are attached using a patented stitching technique. There are no harsh adhesives like glue or tape like in other methods, which can damage your hair and result in severe matting and tangling. 

Flawless and Natural Look 

The weft hair extensions are sewn into your natural hair, seamlessly blending in to create an undetectable and effortlessly natural appearance. No one will suspect that you are wearing extensions. By opting for sew-in weft hair extensions, you can enhance your natural hair by adding both volume and length, unlocking endless styling possibilities that were not achievable before.

Easy To Maintain 

Weft hair extensions demand minimal upkeep compared to other extension methods, making them an excellent choice for busy individuals. Maintenance is straightforward and hassle-free, involving the selection of suitable hair care products and nightly brushing before bedtime. It is important to exercise caution when using hot tools, avoiding high heat settings to prevent potential damage to the hair.

Pros of wearing beaded weft extensions
Pros of wearing beaded weft extensions

Cons of wearing hair extension beads

Besides the undeniable benefits, there are some cons that you should consider when it comes to wearing beaded hair extensions.


When first applied, beads weft extensions may cause some discomfort or tightness. It can take a few days for your scalp to adjust to the added weight and sensation of the beads. However, this discomfort typically subsides with time.

Professional installation required

Professional installation is typically recommended for beads weft hair extensions. While the technique may not be as complex as other methods like i-tip or bonds, it still requires skill and expertise from a hairstylist. Seeking professional assistance adds to the overall cost of the extensions, but it ensures proper application and a desirable outcome.

Cons of wearing hair extension beads
Cons of wearing hair extension beads

Can you shower with beaded weft extensions? 

Beaded weft extensions are specifically designed to be highly durable and can withstand regular washing. These extensions are attached to your hair using beads rather than glue or keratin, which means water cannot cause any damage to them. Therefore, the answer is a definite yes! You can confidently shower while wearing beaded weft extensions without any concerns.

Who should have beaded weft extensions?

Beaded weft extensions are versatile options that may be worn by a range of people. They are especially useful for those who want to add volume, length, or thickness to their natural hair. Beaded weft extensions complement persons with medium to thick hair textures since they blend in effortlessly. They are also a good option for people looking for a temporary hair alteration without the commitment of permanent extensions. 

Who should have beaded weft extensions
Who should have beaded weft extensions

In the nutshell

We’ve explored the world of beaded weft extensions together and uncovered a wealth of information about these incredible hair transformations. From their natural appearance to their versatility and long-lasting quality, beaded weft extensions have proven to be a game-changer in the world of hair extensions.

At Luxshine Hair, we supply a range of hair extensions, including breaded weft hair because we understand your desire for luscious, voluminous locks. Additionally, we have implemented various customer-centric policies to cater specifically to our wholesale clients. From our flexible refund policy to custom packaging design and convenient drop-shipping options.

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