Apply Weave Hair Extensions By Sewing Method

Weave Hair Extension allows you to choose your attachment method. When want to change your hair with the weave extension, you may go to a salon or a professional hairdresser to apply for your hair extensions. So, how about reading and learning these simple steps on how to apply by yourself? Let’s Try.

Before you start attaching your extensions, wash your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo. This will ensure that old product residue and grease from the scalp have disappeared. Do not use conditioner or other styling products. Allow the hair to dry. It should be completely dry at the time of attachment.

Step 1: Prepare your natural hair by washing it clean before sewing to gain the perfect result after finishing.

Step 2: It is time to make cornrows. Take a few hair strands and braid them firmly with small horizontal lines. or if you don’t want to braid, you can you the ring to make the “fake braid” as long as you can create a line to sew your hair in the next step.

Step 3: Thread the needle and start sewing the weft directly onto your track for a seamless look.

This method suits all types of hair. But this is not recommended for those whose hair is too weak, fragile, or damaged.

Remember to shampoo your hair regularly and prevent over-styling with heat can help your sew-in weft hair last longer.

Moreover, it will take time to dry hair after washing to keep the hair lasting longer. So when drying hair with extension, you had better dry in small horizontal parts.

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