Application Guide: Flat Tip Hot Fusion Hair Extension

Hot fusion extensions are attached to the natural hair of the client’s head with a keratin-based tip. The process uses heat to attach keratin bonds and they are fitted strand by strand. The bond is rolled to secure the extension instantly. These bonds can mean an incredibly strong and durable hairpiece that will allow your hair extensions to stay in place for as long as 8 months. This can make hot fusion extensions great for people who hate having to regularly change their extensions and want a long-term look that will blend into their hair.

Since hot fusion uses keratin to attach the hair strands to the client’s hair, there is no glue or tape involved. They give a naturally blended look with the client’s hair and offer much more styling versatility since the bonds are more discreet in the hair. The hot fusion method also offers a more even weight distribution within each extension bond.

This installation not only can last longer but can be reinstalled. When reinstalling the extensions, additional keratin glue will be needed to maintain a strong bond.

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