Angelina Jolie’s beauty through different hair colors

Speaking of the most glamorous actress in Hollywood, Angelina Jolie is one of the first name that springs to your mind. It can be said that she is a talented actress, top-class film director and popular screenwriter. Beside her impressive talent, people also amazed by her charming look especially her beautiful hairstyle. In each movie, our American actress proves that she looks so attractive in any hair color. Stunning as dark-chocolate, black and blonde, she has managed to carry different hairstyles in each movie and her daily life, as well. Take a look to see how the top-notch Angelina Jolie hair in different styles and colors.

Angelina Jolie hair

1. What is natural hair color of Angelina Jolie?

For a long time, many people believe that the Hollywood actress is a natural brunette, because she and brunette hair always go hand-in-hand. Nevertheless, her natural color actually is dark brown. She said when she was four or five, her mother decided to dye her hair dark brown and she stuck with that. It wouldn’t be uneasy to realize her natural hair color, but she is also gorgeous in her dark blonde hair. Take a look at this picture. Do you think which hair color is more suitable with our pretty actress?

natural hair color of Angelina Jolie

2. How does Angelina look with blonde hair?

Take a look at this Angelina Jolie hair picture, she appeared in effortless but attractive hairstyle. She looks completely charming and outstanding in this color. Though she didn’t wear makeup, nobody can’t take their eyes off her. Having said that her natural beauty is formidable. If you intend to create the hairstyle of this actress for yourself, you cannot miss this one. Please kindly note that you should select the right shade of blonde with your skin tone to obtain the best hair color.

3. Refresh hairstyle with brown hair

Even though Angelina often appears with brown hair color at the front of crowd, she also cleverly changes her hairstyle. If the previous time she wore her hair past her collarbone, then she changes hairdo with curled blunt-cut ends. The dark chocolate hair color looks so soft and light. Originate a new hairstyle on trend brings her totally new look.

brown hair

4. Long Straight hairstyle for holiday

This is one of Angelina Jolie’s long hairstyle which matches her black dress perfectly. The straight hairstyle is a great option for those looking for simple but stunning hairdo. The best thing is that a long straight brown hair is suitable for different occasions and girls don’t have to worry about maintenance. In order to create soft texture like her hair, you can dab some styling cream on your fingertips and glide through your long hair.

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5. The Hollywood hairstyle with short bangs

It can’t deny that Angelina really loves her hair. She is mostly seen long straight hair textured with glamorous shades of brown. What do you think about her appearance with hair bangs? Looking at this picture. Her long tresses are left wavy at the end. The bangs with the medium hair length brings her well-groomed look. She also enhances her appearance with smoky eyes and create mysterious feeling.

hairstyle with short bangs

6. Short hairdo for Angelina

This photo shows us another indefinable beauty of the famous actress. Generally, short hairdo is easier to style than long hair. With Angelina, short hairstyle brings her completely new appearance and charm. In this photo, she is not only a modern and independent woman, she also shows her feminine look thanks to her pretty face. No matter how thick or thin your hair is, you can absolutely find ideal pixie hairstyles for yourself.

Short hairdo for Angelina

7. Angelina Jolie black hair with a bun

The glamorous actress always knows how to expose her charming face to other people. Do you know that Angelina come out with a glamorous bun in black color hair. The truth is that you may tie your hair in a bun like this without realizing that it looks the same as Angelina’s hairstyle. It is an amazing hairdo to show off gorgeous cheekbones. She definitely looks charming with splendid bun and her sexy eyes.

black hair with a bun

How to get Angelina Jolie charming look?

Most of the time, we see Angelina in medium hair with collarbone or armpit length (get more info in hair length here). If you have short hair, how to get this length instantly? It’s easy, just try out Luxshinehair hair extensions. What special about our products?

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Having said that Angelina Jolie successfully wins other heart with various kinds of hair color and style. No matter what hair color is it, she looks really stunning and gorgeous. So, do you find out the inspiration for your hairstyle this year? Let’s ready to transform your appearance. Follow us and give your comment below to share your idea.

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