Amazing Puffy Hairstyle For A New Look

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Puffy hair sometimes really bring troubles to women, especially when wake up in the morning. After hours sleeping and wake up in the next morning with an even puffier hair, it can take you even more than hour standing in front of mirror to detangle. Natural puffy hair is quite soft and swollen, so it’s easy to get tangled. But, a lot of gorgeous puffy hairstyles can immediately change your mind.

In this post, Luxshinehair will give you some good ideas about hairstyle for puffy hair for anyone who is getting stuck in finding a new style for your puffy locks. Keep reading and you may realize how beautiful your puffy locks can be!

Amazing Puffy Hairstyle

Puffy twist hairstyle

If you are owning a puffy hair, puffy twist hairstyle should be the first option that you should try since it brings a lot of advantages to women. This hairstyle looks cool and the longer it is, the better it looks.

Before beginning to twist, you should wash your hair carefully, detangle and let it dry naturally about 90%. Then divide your hair into small twist section (the size of each twist is up to you). You should use your finger to feel the hair better. After that, divide twist section into two equal section to get the better result and begin twisting. Twist one section around each other down to the end of hair.

Puffy twist hairstyle

When you reach the end of hair, hold it firmly to secure the twist. Then continue with the rest of hair till you finish the whole. Your twist will be puffy or skinny depending on your tension when twisting the two strand. Here is the result!

Beautiful puffy twist hairstyle

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Hairstyle of short puffy hair

Short puffy hair is also various in styling. Short puffy curly hairstyle can be considered as one of the most impressive style for natural puffy hair. One of the features of puffy hair is soft strands, so when come to curls, it will give you a natural look.

Hairstyle of short puffy hair

Short deep curly hair is also a good idea for puffy hair. There is no denying to say that curly texture does work with puffy hair since the soft strands are easily to be curled. Besides, to make the highlight for your hair, you can completely make two small buns on top of head which look really cool and dynamic. It is also known as a creative natural puffy curly hairstyle.

Amazing natural puffy curly hairstyle

If your hair is naturally puffy curly, you can completely create many hairstyles that desperately attractive and beautiful.

Natural short curly puffy hair

Natural short curly puffy hair gain the impressive result when combining with undercut. Contrary to what people think about undercut like it looks manly or masculine, when go with curly puffy, it even help women sexier and more feminine.

Natural short curly puffy hair with undercut

Hairstyle for puffy medium hair

Together with short style, medium puffy hair is also easy to style. You can completely make twist style following tips we already mentioned above. It really work with medium length.

Besides, there are many hairstyles for puffy medium hair for you to choose. If your hair is already puffy, why not make it even puffier? Big curls with messy style, combined with a pair of sunglasses are exactly what you need to grab all attention of people surround.

Hairstyles for puffy medium hair

Grab all your hair and make a big bun on the back of head is a perfect idea for medium puffy hair. The beautiful big bun will be the highlight of your hairstyle and catch all people’s eyes. It’s simple in styling but attractive and pretty as well.

A big bun for medium puffy hair

Besides, puffy hair with bun is also good idea for a hairstyle for wedding ceremony. Big puffy beautiful bun hairstyle for wedding is really a good option for you since it doesn’t take too much time to style but also help you shine up on your special day.

Gorgeous hairstyle for puffy medium hair

Natural puffy hair is immensely gorgeous. It help your hair look extremely full and fluffy. No need to make a bun or braid, just pull down your hair and let it be itself.

Natural hairstyle for puffy medium hair

Puffy hair is various in styling. Through some short-listed sample that we already mentioned above, Luxshinehair does hope that you can find the most suitable one for yourself.

Puffy hair now is no longer a problem, even become a trendy hairstyle among women. Therefore, just feel lucky when you can own a natural puffy hair.

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