All you need to know of the difference between Fine hair and Thin hair

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There is a saying that “a secret makes a woman woman”. Have you ever wondered about that kind of secret? What is the hidden power that makes women much more beautiful in just a moment? The answer is your hair. Who don’t love a full and shiny lock? However, some people with hair problem cannot reach this beauty including thin hair and fine hair. What are the differences between them? You wonder whether your hair gets any of the hair issues above? You ought to read this article now.

Listen to your natural tress!

Do you really understand your hair? Have you ever stood in front of the mirror, touched your hair and felt the inside damages because of using chemical, bleaches? Only when hair turns dry, broken and falls out do women frantically find a solution to protect and heal it. It is too late! Especially, the misunderstanding between thin hair and fine hair make it more difficult to find the best way to look after your hair.

In this post, Luxshinehair will help you distinguish the difference between fine hair and thin hair and give you some tips to improve your current hair.

 “Fine” and “thin” are two words used interchangeably when it comes to hair. However, they don’t have the same meaning. Let find out whether you are having a fine hair or thin hair, or both!

What is fine hair?

Fine” is the term that refers to the thickness of your individual hair strands. The opposite of “fine” is coarse. If you have coarse hair, your hair strands are strong, fat and are not easy to break. On the contrary, if you have fine hair, your hair strands are light and prone to break. On the upside, fine hair is pretty shinier and silkier than coarse hair.

What is fine hair


What is thin hair?

Thin” refers to the density of your hair or the quantity of your hair (how many hair strands you have on your head). If you are having thin hair, you have fewer hair strands than other people or you can even see the head skin clearly when put your hair in ponytail or braid it. Thin hair can be the result of genetics or stress, overthinking leading to hair loss too much. Besides, unsuitable hair care routine or using too much bleaches and dyes can also make hair strands weaker and breakable leading to thin hair. The opposite of thin hair is thick hair, which means the high density of hair.

What is thin hair

So, do you have fine hair or thin hair or both? Or do you have thin hair that isn’t fine or versa? Now you may understand more about your hair type and may wonder about how to deal with your current hair situation.

How to improve fine hair?

No matter your hair is fine or thin, the final goal is to create the maximum volume of hair.

thin hair or fine hair?

If you are having fine hair, you can use some kinds of shampoo and conditioner that temporarily plump individual hair strands after washing and dying. It will help your hair look much fuller. Besides, fine hair is quite easy to break, so it is really important to protect your hair from any damage. You need to avoid using heat to curl hair or coloring your hair to keep hair strands healthy. If you are a kind of person who always purchase the latest hairstyles and colors, Luxshinehair highly recommend you to try human hair extension to protect your natural hair.

How To Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

What is the best way to solve with thin hair?

The best way to find the most suitable treatment for your thin hair is finding out the cause leading to your thin hair.

If it is the result of stress or other mental sickness, you’d better go the see doctor.  If not, you can use some kind of hair supplements to provide nutrients which help your hair grow more and faster.

Besides, changing hair textures can make your hair look denser. Moreover, hairstyles play an importance role in making your hair look full and voluminous. Check out 3 easy hairdo for thin hair.

You can consult some kinds of hair extensions from Luxshinehair to improve your current hair instead of going to salon to make it curly by heat. To boost the thickness of your hair, we highly recommend you to use wig, tape in hair extensions or clip ins hair extensions for thin hair.

Understanding the difference between fine and thin hair will help you a lot in finding the solution to improve your current hair. Say goodbye to your thin or fine hair, it’s time for you to achieve a fuller and thicker and strong hair. One of the perfect and easy way is wearing hair extensions to completely change your hairstyle to improve your thin and fine hair. Hillary Clinton used to say that if you want to knock a story off the front page, just change your hairstyle. Therefore, don’t hesitate to leave us a message to get the best service from Luxshinehair.

Hair extensions for thinning hair

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