All You Need To Know About Crochet Braids Hair

If you are fed up with your normal and boring hairstyle, you are seeking for a cool, trendy and chic hairstyle that will help to be outstanding, crochet braids hair will meet your demand. Recently, this style is ruling the beauty world since many women are crazy about this gorgeous style that suits almost women and brings them an endless beauty. With the variety in design, texture and colors, crochet braids hair is now no longer a strange hairstyle with women. On the contrary, it is now becoming more and more popular all over the world. In this post, we already rounded up the most fancy crochet braids hairstyle that may inspire you.

What are crochet braids?

If you want your hair to have some time to relax, crochet braids are a good choice. Similar to weaving when you want to create a base for sewing hair extensions in, your real hair is braided like cornrows but they are not as tight as ones for weaving. After that, your braid will be secured by twist-and-knot technique. Crochet braids hair is quite easy to do, so you can completely do it by yourself at home to save some money!

How to braid hair for crochet braids

As we mentioned above, crochet braids are quite easy to do and the steps of braiding are similar to those of creating braid base for sew-in hair extensions. And of course, you can completely DIY at home without going to see hairdresser. Here, we will provide you some tips to make it even easier and time-saving. First and foremost, remember to wash your hair clearly and spend time moisturizing your hair before starting. It’s because your braids will last at least two weeks to get the best result, so preparation is quite necessary. Also you need to make sure that your hair is detangled.

Wash your hair clearly

Part your hair in the middle and start braiding your hair straight back and stop at midway. Next step is braiding your hair for crochet braid installation following zigzag style in the back until you finish. There are several crochet braids hair pattern for you to choose, but zigzag seems to be the most common one with the best result. Crochet braids hair pattern

Besides, the vixen pattern is also popular since it allows you to have undo style flexibly.

Vixen pattern

After you finish the whole braiding process, wrap the tail of the hair and put it through another braid to hide it. That’s it. Starting installing by putting your crochet needle trough your hair and latch the hair extensions in and close the latch. Pull the needle and hair through the cornrow. Repeat the same process again until you finish.

How to create crochet braids

Crochet braids with straight hair are also popular. Straight texture is never out of fashion and always is a favorite style of women in the world. Beside, straight hair is quite easy to install by crochet needle and last quite long. Crochet braids with straight hair will definitely enhance your beauty with shiny and smooth locks.

Crochet braids with straight hair

What is best hair for crochet braids?

Unlike in the past, crochet braids hair now is now no longer only for African- American community but for all women in the world. The number of people wearing this hairstyle is increasing day by day. More and more crochet hair is sold to hair market by different suppliers. Therefore, finding the best quality crochet braids hair is desperately important. So, what is the best hair for crochet braids? The answer is human hair crochet braids. Although there are many options for you to choose in hair market with the cheaper prices, we still highly recommend you to try human hair crochet braids for their quality. Human hair crochet braids are soft, natural, durable and will give you a real look. Synthetic hair, on the other side, look stranger, tough and can dry out your scalp.

What is best hair for crochet braids

As one of the leading companies in supplying hair extensions to hair market, Luxshinehair always uses 100% Vietnamese human hair as our material to make hair products. We collect carefully and manufacture meticulously to produce the high-quality product to our beloved customers all over the world. Understanding the demand of women, Luxshinehair tries to provide them the best products with competitive prices which definitely suit everyone’s financial condition.

High quality crochet braids hair

To conclude, crochet braids hair is really a perfect option of women who are looking for some fun unique and trendy hairstyle to renew their old fashion. Crochet braids are diverse, including many versions, different styles and colors which definitely satisfy you. Opting for a new hairstyle takes time and careful consideration, therefore, all what we have shown today is supposed to help you feel easier. If you still have something unclear, just leave us a message or visit our website to have a closer look to our highest-quality Vietnamese hair products as well as receive the best advice from our staff. See more: water wave hair of Luxshinehair  

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