All things you should know about keratin hair extensions

Some people use hair extensions for the purpose of hiding their thin hair. Some others want to have an impressive hairstyle without cutting their real hair or just simply they want to try a newer hairdo to know whether they are suitable with that image or not, etc. Therefore, hair extensions appear with a lot of various types but not every type is suitable for your hair. Sometimes, they can make you feel uncomfortable because of too much complex processes.

about keratin hair extensions

However, this article is not for disparaging things that hair extensions bring to. We would like to introduce you one of the most popular type of hair extensions that girls all over the world love. It is keratin hair. These keratin hair extensions can cater all demands above and off course you can even apply them by your own. And you? Did you know anything about these extensions. Let’s find out all things of Luxshinehair’s keratin hair. Watch out because maybe you will become a big fan of these hair extensions!

1. What are keratin hair extensions?

Keratin hair is one of the most popular types of hair extensions. Different from other types of hair extensions, each bundle of keratin hair is divided into many small hair tips which are bonded with keratin on the top part of hair extensions. Thus, they are also called keratin tips, tip hair extensions or keratin glue extensions.

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2. How many kinds of keratin hair extensions?

Our keratin hair extensions are seperated into 4 different kinds named I- tip, V- tip, U- tip and Flat tip. These names are from their figures on the top of hair. This can be the merely kind of hair extensions that is made with many various kinds for choices of customers. Each kind has its own advantages but all are very wonderful and give good effect when applying on real hair.


3. What are the best keratin hair extensions?


In the market of hair extensions nowadays, keratin hair is sold widely but not all have the good quality. Many suppliers make a fool of their customers by mixing synthetic hair or animal hair which is in bad quality to get bigger profit. However, these hair extensions will look unnatural as well as get damages easily.

Being a prestigious company,  Luxshinehair takes pride in supplying keratin hair extensions with the best quality. Our sources of hair are 100% made from Vietnam virgin and remy hair. They are thoroughly checked before being made into hair extensions so that there are not any problems like weak hair, tangles or nits.

Our keratine hair extensions have all the best qualities of hair. Hair extensions are smooth, strong and natural with 100% of real human hair and they are unprocessed with toxic chemicals. Moreover, hair tips are beautiful and diverse. Keratin gel’s source is from Italia so that it is solid and strong that can remain long on real hair.


About sizes and textures, you will never have to be worried because our keratin hair extensions are created with diverse length sizes from 8 inches to 30 inches, which can meet any demands of customers. Whereas, textures are absolutely impressive. No matter which shape you like, straight , wavy, curly or any others, Luxshinehair’s keratin hair extensions can satisfy all.

Hairdressers at salons can give you a beautiful hair with your favourite figure but your hair can be heavily damaged by chemicals. Keratin hair extensions can do more than that, they not only give you a completely outstanding image but also help to hide the weakness of thin and short as well as not cause bad impacts on your real hair.

Luxshinehair’s hair extensions have enough criteria that good keratin tips need to have. Therefore, if you are having the idea of buying this product, don’t hesitate to contact us to get the high quality hair in the soonest time.

4. How to use keratin hair extensions?

Not only are keratin hair extensions diverse with 4 different kinds, but they also have various methods to apply on hair easily.

General step: Section off your hair

Obviously, you need to section off your hair with any types of hair extension, not only with keratin hair. Making horizontal lines at suitable positions on head to apply hair extensions is the best way for you to attach hair tips on real hair with the highest density and the most beautiful image of hair.

How to use keratin hair extensions?

How to use keratin hair extensions on real hair

Method 1: Using latch hook crochet needle and microbeads

This is the method which is very suitable and simple for applying I- tip keratin hair extensions. All things you need to do is using your skillfulness to put keratin tips in the right place.

Using latch hook crochet needle and microbeads

  • Firstly, carefully let a microbead slide up the shaft of the latch hook crochet needle and close the latch.
  • Then, take a small strand of hair which is under the horizontal line.
  • After that, hook the latch and round the hair strand and move the microbead down at the root part of your real hair.
  • Put the I- tip hair into the bead so that it fits perfectly with the real hair strand.
  • Clamp the microbead with the specialized hair pliers and finish a tip hair application.
  • Continue these processes with other strands and other hair rows to have the perfect result of these keratin I- tip hair extensions.

How to use keratin hair extensions on real hair

If you use weave hair extensions, hair laces or wigs, you can have to waste a lot of time and find another help to complete the performance. However, when you use frequently this method of applying keratin I- tips, you can put them on hair by yourself smoothly and not need another help.

This method with I- tips is simple and doesn’t make uncomfortable effects on real hair. Therefore, it is the top choice of customers who want to use keratin hair tips to have the bigger volume without keep them too long on hair.

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Method 2: Using a hot fusion tool to make tips melt.

With this method, Not only can you use with I- tip, but with other kinds of keratin hair extensions as well. Of course, this way is more popular with V- tip, U- tip or Flat tip. You will need the help of someone to put hair tips without causing hurts for yourself as well as making damages for hair.

  • Firstly, take a small strand of hair which is below the horizontal line you’ve made.
  • Secondly, attach a keratin tip with this strand. Don’t keep it too close to your head skin to avoid being  stuck with hot keratin gel.
  • Then, use a hot fusion tool to make the tip melt.
  • Roll the melted keratin bond with your fingers to make sure the keratin bond is rolled as tight as possible.
  • Do these above steps again with other tips until you feel they are enough volume on hair.

Using a hot fusion tool to make tips melt

Using hot fusion can be a bit uncomfortable when applying. However, its result will be very wonderful because keratin gels are very durable and they can exist in long time, without taking off when you want to wash hair each day. You can even keep them for 2 to 3  months with careful maintainance.

Becasue keratin hair extensions are small hair tips so that if you want to have your hair with big volume, you will take quite a lot of time to put these tips on hair. The amount of tips for putting in hair can be 30, 50 , 100 or even more which is up to the volume and the length size you want.

5. How to care for keratin bonded hair extensions?

As we have mentioned above, once you wearing these keratin hair extensions in hair, you can keep them for about 2 to 3 months. In that time, you should try to protect hair from external causes such as wind, hot sunlight which can make hair become tangle or damaged. Besides, you also have to protect hair from inside. You can’t stand washing hair for months so that when washing hair, let’s be careful and gentle so as not to make your hair get tangles and break keratin bonds. You also had better avoid changing textures of hair or using too much chemicals on hair so that you can keep hair in the beautiful figure in the longest time.

How to care for keratin bonded hair extensions?

With keratin boned hair extensions that we haven’t used yet, you can keep them for about 2 to 3 years. Because they are real human hair, you can care for them like for own real hair. Brushing hair, washing hair, even dyeing hair again to keep hair on the best condition. However, you always need to be careful since problems like shedding, tangling or split ends can appear any time. Caring for hair extensions is never unnecessary with girls.

6. How to take off keratin boned hair extentions?

Ways to remove these keratin hair extensions from real hair can take more time and efforts than putting. However, it is also not too difficult. You only need some skillfulness and carefulness and then you can take them off smoothly without making tangles or making yourself hurt.

Removing keratin tips with microbeads

With the microbead method, you only need to use pliers to bend the bead and take off tips away from real hair. It is too simple and easy.

Removing keratin tips with microbeads
Removing keratin tips with microbeads

Removing keratin tips with hot fusion

It will be a little complicate than removing tips with microbeads. You will need a kind of specialized solvent or oil to rub hair tips. Then you use the pliers to squeeze these keratin bonds some times. Don’t squeeze too strongly to make sure that hair will not be cut or fallen out. After breaking the bond, softly slide off keratin extensions. It will be safe and not make you hurt if you do each step carefully.

Removing keratin tips with hot fusion
Removing keratin tips with hot fusion

7. What do keratin hair extensions cost?

It is up to their length size, textures and colors of keratin hair extensions you choose so that we can decide whether the cost of these extensions is high or low. It varies from 125 dollars per kilogram for straight short hair to more than 1000 dollars per kilograms for hair extensions with very long length size. You can order at least 100 grams to have the stable amount of these hair extensions.

You can choose yourself keratine boned hair extensions with the lower cost. However, their origin and quality can not good, even bad because they are made carelessly for getting high profit. Luxshinehair is a prestigious supplier in hair extension market so that you will never have to doubt about our cost. We always bring the best product with the most reasonable price.

8. Keratin hair extensions’ review

Keratin extensions are more difficult to apply in hair than clip- in or tape hair extensions. However, many people like these types because they are small, convenient and various. They have the best maintainance on hair of all other types. Besides, the ways to protect and care for them are also very simple and comfortable. You can also wear them without worrying they can fall out any time when you do active activities.

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What do keratin hair extensions cost?

Are you ready to have a new bright image with our keratin hair extensions? They will actually not make you disappointed because we can cater all of your demands about figure, standard, quantity and quality. These keratin bonded hair will not be a bad choice for you to take every body by surprise.

If you have any demands or questions, feel free contacting us to get the best and soonest answers. Don’t forget to discover some other types such as clip in hair extensions or lace closure extensions to have your most suitable choices.


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