All things about clip-in hair extensions

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There is a saying that “Investing on beauty never makes loss.” It is truly correct since beauty is one of the most important thing in making women more attractive and powerful.  According to Money magazine’s video, the average woman will spend $313 per month on her appearance which include clothes, cosmetic and hair care products. Surprisingly, the amount of money spending on hair care products is quite high because of the damage after using chemicals and bleaches.

That is the reason why women should wear clip in hair extensions instead of using harmful chemical colors and heat to style their hair. To woman who are passionate in trendy hairstyle and color or who are dreaming about owning a long, thick and strong hair, clip-in hair extensions must be their perfect choice. So what are clip-in hair extensions and why they become one of the must-have hair items of many women in the world? Let Luxshinehair introduce clearly to you.

 What are the best clip-in hair extensions?

Made from 100% human hair, clip-in hair extensions become increasingly popular not only for their high quality, but also for their diversity in types and colors. They have different sizes (long, medium, short), so you can choose the most suitable one that meet your demand. Besides, the popularity in textures is also the best advantage of this kind of extensions which mainly consist of wavy, curly and straight style combined with different shade of colors such as black, brown or blonde and so on.

Therefore, you don’t need to spend time and money going to hair salon just to keep your hair trendy in a certain time. After being bleached and affected by chemicals and heat, your hair will soon become weak, dry and easy to break, leading to hair loss and other hair problems. Clip-in remy hair extensions will solve all this problem and protect your real hair in just a few minutes.

How to use ?

Clip in hair extension is the type of hair extension with clips sewn meticulously in the top of the hair bundle, so they are easy to wear and perfectly match your real hair with no pain, long-term bonding or damage to your hair. It just takes you a few minutes to apply this hair extensions by clipping the extensions directly in your hair and it is totally invisible. Owning a fuller and longer hair is never so simple and easy like that.

How to use clip in hair extensions?

Besides, you can easily take it off and change into other styles by yourself. After installing, you can braid or curl your hair in different styles that match your outfits and make-up for party or any special occasions. Just in a few minute, you can completely install clip-in hair extensions by yourself and instantly change your appearance.

How to care clip in hair extensions?

Since clip-in hair extensions are made from 100% human hair, so it also need to be cared as your natural hair. But don’t worry because Luxshinehair will show you the best and the most effective way to take care of your extensions. The first is washing clip in hair extensions. You don’t need to wash them every night or even every second night like you normally do with your real hair, just once a week or once a fortnight should be fine. Before washing, you can comb your extensions first to make sure all knots and tangles are gone.

How to care for clip in hair extensions?

After that, gently make it wet, put the shampoo on, rinse out the shampoo, apply conditioner as your daily hair washing steps. You should let it dry naturally instead of using hair dryer, so the extensions will be softer and last longer. Only use dry shampoo if necessary because it will cause trouble like breakage or hair loss if we you dry shampoo regularly. Besides, you can completely dye your hair extensions since Luxshinehair’s hair extensions are made 100% Vietnamese human hair.

How long do clip in hair extensions last?

If this is the first time you wear hair extensions, you may wonder about the quality of product that can directly affect the durability of hair extensions. Since clip-in hair extensions are made from 100% Vietnamese human hair, it will last longer and stay healthy for a long time depending on your hair care routine. Generally, it will last up to a year or more. If you buy low grade hair extensions, it only last 3 to 5 months or less and always has cuticle damaged or stripped.

All the strands of remy hair are arranged with cuticles going in the same direction, so it will give you a silky hair with no tangles. Many suppliers mix remy hair of animals with human hair to cut costs, but Luxshinehair is an exception. We only use 100% human hair to make sure that all the best products will be served to the customers and they can use extensions as long as possible and save money. Therefore, let be a smart buyer!

How much does it cost?

The price of clip-in hair extensions is also a matter of concern of customers, especially for those who intend to use this type of hair extensions for the first time. We often think that a high quality product will cost a big deal of money since the high price means high quality. The more money we spend, the higher quality of products we have. Is this always right?  Actually, it is. However, spending more money doesn’t always mean that you will get a good product and cheap price doesn’t mean low quality if you choose the wrong supplier. As a research from Internet, the average price of good quality clip-in hair extensions range from $100 to $200 base on the length and the volume of hair that you want.

How much are clip in hair extensions?However, it can be lower than $80 if you buy less, shorter hair extensions. If you are finding a trustworthy place with the cheap price but good products, Luxshinehair is exactly what you are looking for. Our clip-in human hair extensions ranges from $20 to $130 depending on the texture and color of hair and the length and volume as well. Our consultants will give you the best advice to get the most suitable clip-in hair extensions with the reasonable price.

Where to buy?

After understanding clearly about clip-in hair extension, the great advantages of using them, some tips to keep extensions last longer and always stay strong and healthy, you may wonder about where are the best place to buy clip-in hair extensions as it is said that spending too much money doesn’t mean you can buy the best product. The point is how to find the most trustworthy suppliers.

Hair extensions industry is becoming more and more developed leading to the appearance of bad hair suppliers who always try to get the highest profits ignoring the quality of products. Therefore, customers should consider carefully when buying clip-in hair extensions, especially via Internet. If you have never tried hair extensions before, you should be more careful in choosing hair extensions and have to make sure that extensions are made from human hair, not the mixture between animal hair and human hair. You can consult prices of clip-in hair extension at Luxshinehair and don’t hesitate to leave us a message to get the best advice for clip-in hair extensions’s texture, color and price.


Clip-in hair extensions are the best and the quickest way to get your dream hair. It is also much safer for your real hair since you don’t need to use any kind of chemicals or bleaches directly to your hair.

Besides, it doesn’t cause any strain or damage to your hair. They are designed as clipping-in style, so what you need to do is only clip the extensions in hair. It is simple and easy for you. You can do at home or bring it to hair salon, so the hairdresser will help you install and blend the extensions with your real strands.

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Choosing the best place to buy hair extensions is also important since it will decide 80% of your result. Hair extensions made from 100% Vietnam hair will give you a fuller, silky and shiny hair which not only contributes to promote your beauty but also lengthens the time of using hair extensions. It is Luxshinehair’s honor to become your partner on the way to achieve permanent beauty.

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