All About Wigs: An Easy Guide For Wig Lovers

Quick and easy to use, wigs have become a ubiquitous phenomenon and can be easily seen everywhere we go. Women use them as a fashion statement or as a solution when faced with hair loss issues. Unfortunately, wandering online shops without first learning all about wigs tends to leave people feeling confused and overwhelmed.

With this guide, we hope to give you a beginner’s guide to wigs through each stage of wig ownership. Buying and wearing these units certainly don’t have to be rocket science.

But you can’t just rely on sheer luck alone when it comes to choosing/buying/customizing hairpieces. Let’s try to tackle all of these commonly asked questions so that you can soon look and feel amazing with your informed decisions.

Know your wigs

Know the types and options relating to wigs are the most important step
Knowing the types and options relating to wigs is the most important step

Before buying, caring, or customizing your wig, you must get some basic working knowledge. The sheer amount of wig options and types of products available on the market can be rather intimidating. People easily get swept away by all the terminology and marketing speak.
Start identifying the most important elements that differentiate one unit from another by reading our wig hair guide. Even when two pieces may look the same, they may act totally differently. In this section, we will go in-depth on how certain elements. If your questions look something like these, do explore to find out:

  • How long will my wavy wigs look like?
  • What wig density are the best for comfort?
  • Are human hair units worth it? 
  • When and who might be the right candidate for synthetic hair units?

Read Our Guide

Know the In-and-Out of Buing Wigs

Women purchasing wig- How to buy your wigs
We guide you through all the important questions so you can locate a good buy

Now before you decide on any hair products, you may have many different questions. Here are just a few :

  • How long will the final piece look like? 
  • Will the piece last you long enough? 
  • Should I get any random Aliexpress wig that I find on the Internet? 
  • What are the best wigs for beginners?

We get it. The questions might get endless. This section will discuss and cover many commonly asked questions you may have when it comes to selecting hair wigs to buy. Whether you get them online or from a brick-and-mortar store, our wig buying guide can help steer you in the right direction.

Of course, girls with a lot of requirements and experience might decide to make lace front wigs on their own. After all, if you want a job well done, you might just do it yourself!

Best Methods to Put On Your Wigs

Girls installing wig - How to put on your wigs
We take a personalized approach to define the best installation method for your wig

Just as scoring the right buy, deciding on the right installation method can have its fair share of complications. In this section, we will address questions like : 

  • How to wear a lace front wig without glue?
  • Whether you should install a wig with glue or glueless?. 
  • Whether wig grip is something you want to do?

Now, we don’t take the one-size-fits-all approach when being asked all about wigs and how to install a unit. So the person making the call on this is still YOU! By clearly telling you the pros and cons of each method, we hope you can work out the most suitable ways to rock your hairdo. Human hair wigs generally require some effort and customizations to look best, don’t skimp this section if you want to know all about wigs installation.

All About Wigs: Caring For Your Units

Girls brushing wig - How to take care of your wig
Taking care of your own hair is just as important as your wig

You can not learn all about wigs without actually knowing how to care for your hairpiece.
Since your hair wigs are constantly exposed to dirt, oil and can easily shed and tangle, you should figure out and put in place a routine to keep them in top tip condition. Give your units and your own hair TLC and they will become your source of joy and pride.
While we all know how to wash and dry our own natural hair, the hair strand on your wig has a different requirement. In this section, we will discuss certain maintenance matters regarding wigs:

  • How to wash, brush, dry, and store your hair collections?
  • How can you care for your own natural hair?
  • Is there any difference between human and synthetic wigs?

Whether you are planning on wearing your hairpieces every day or just taking her out once in a while, it’s important to properly care for your unit.

Styling and Customizing Your Hairpiece

Hands flat ironing wigs - How to style your wig
Styling your wig correctly will help your wig achieve its full potential

Wearing a wig allows you to switch between many different styles. All of these perks while keeping your own hair healthy and free from harsh chemicals. Whether you want to keep your hair long or short, wavy or curly, tie in a ponytail, or put in an updo, you can do it all with the right wig styling tips and suitable products.
This section addresses the many techniques, tips, and tricks to help you completely fulfill your wig potential. If you are asking these questions, this section is for you.

  • Can I dye my synthetic wig?
  • How to use a curling iron without damage?
  • Can I cut my own wig to fit me?

Now we learn something new every day to make our wig look better. But we hope you find all about wigs customization and styling in the guide.

There is something for everybody, as you can find both beginner-friendly as well as advanced techniques here. After reading this section, we hope you will be able to learn all about wigs and how to best style and customize them.

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