All Interesting Things You Want To Know About Luxshinehair

You have probably heard the name “Luxshinehair”, but you don’t understand how they work and create products for customers. In this article, we will provide you with all information about Luxshinehair that you may be curious about. Let’s keep reading.


Proud of being one of the top hair suppliers from Vietnam, Luxshinehair have become a valuable brand in supplying good natural hair to international markets. We supply only Remy human hair that is surely safe and comfortable to use. Our products are various in colors, lengths, types, textures. Especially, we specialize in supplying original hair in bulk and weft hair extensions which are mostly used by wholesalers and traders. Besides, we also supply other types of hair extensions to meet customer’s demands. Using the hair we supply, you will not have to worry about any trouble. With our experience and professional service, we guarantee to solve any questions you have about every single product.


Luxshinehair Office is a very modern, friendly and professional working environment. The staff often use social media to approach customers like Fb, IG, Twitter, etc. All of them are not only hard-working but also very enthusiastic and creative at work to bring customers the best products. They are also very friendly and helpful. Every day, we check hair products again before supplying to customers so that you don’t have to worry about any problems happening with our products. Besides, the packaging is also done quickly and carefully to ensure to deliver the best items to customers as quickly as possible. Luxshinehair also appreciate product training for employees.

Luxshinehair Office


The Factory

Are you curious about the factory and hair-making process?

You must satisfy because our hair products are prestigious and high quality with unprocessed and no chemical. We cut the hair directly from donors throughout the country. With modern technology and well-trained workers, we create the best hair with different kinds and textures, colors as well. You certainly won’t have anything to complain about the smell of hair because we process the hair from classifying, washing, conditioning and brushing process in order to remove any tangle and shedding.

The special thing is that all hair types are made very carefully. Workers work very hard and effectively; therefore, all stages are done in the most skillful and careful way. For closure and frontal hair, we make by hand 100% and very carefully so that there will have fewer mistakes than making by machine. After finish making hair, we pack and double-check them before ship out to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

For many years, the number of our customers both wholesale and retail customers has been increasing. We also receive a lot of positive reviews about the product. This shows that they are very satisfied with our products.

In conclusion, Luxshinehair always try to supply the best products and services to customers. Moreover, we also try to be a multinational corporation and one of the biggest brands in the field of wholesale hair supplying. After reading this article, we hope that you have a deep understanding about our company.

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