All about I tip hair extensions you should know before installation

No one can deny the convenience of I tip hair extensions once they make a decision on using the hair. So, if you are new to hair extensions, let’s learn more about this stunning type of hair extensions in this blog post.

What are I tip hair extensions?

I-tips are a form of hair extension that attaches to natural hair by using metal cylinders or flattened microbeads. I-tips differ from other hair extensions since they are made of individual hair strands that interlock with a cylinder piece to surround a person’s natural hair.

Although they are occasionally used interchangeably with micro links, they are actually distinct. I-tip hair is a type of keratin tip hair extensions with the keratin tips having an “I” shape. And micro-link is the technique used to attach I-tip hair extensions to your natural hair.

I tip hair extensions

Pros and cons of I tip hair extensions

Being known for their convenience, I-tip hair extensions is a great alternative to hot fusion hair extensions since they are cold fusion. Therefore, the installation of I-tip hair will be less damaging to your hair than the hot fusion ones. However, I tip hair also comes with disadvantages like extra hair care process, etc.

So, check out I tip hair extensions pros and cons carefully to see if they really suit you.

How long do I tip hair extensions last?

The installation should last six to nine months with good maintenance, while the hair itself can last about a year or over. That means you can reuse the bundles for several installations. However, when the keratin that the I-tips are linked to weakens with each wash, it will eventually disintegrate over time.

To maintain your extensions at home, you should regularly wrap or pin-curl your hair and wash it every two to three weeks. It’s better to visit the salon every four to six weeks to open the cylinders and allow for the removal of shedding or dead hair. The stylist will slide the cylinder back up and attach it over fresh growth once all the debris has been removed.

How long do i tip hair last

How much do I tip hair extensions cost?

The cost of I tip hair extensions depends on the length, texture, color, and hair standard you want to buy. At Luxshine Hair, the price of I-tip hair extensions starts at $17.9 per 100 grams.

See our full pricelist of I tip hair extensions HERE

Please note that you may not install I-tip hair on your own so make sure to add the cost of the service at a hair salon. Normally, you may need to pay an additional $300 to 450 for the installation of extensions, depending on whether your stylist charges by the bundle or by the piece. If you want to dye your hair extensions, it will cost you some more, around 35$ for each bundle.

Who suit I tip hair extensions?

Ideal candidates for I-tips have hair that is healthy, uniform in length, and devoid of chemicals like relaxers or perms. If you have coarse hair or relaxed hair, I-tips are not a great option.

I-tip hair is also not a good option for those with thin and unhealthy hair since it can break the natural hair during installation.

It’s crucial to speak with a professional before deciding to get I-tips hair extensions. Make sure the stylist who will do your operation is knowledgeable and equipped to handle it. You can improve your chances of getting the look you want by discussing your needs, expectations, ideas, and budget with your stylist.

Install I tip hair

How to install I tip hair extensions?

Although we recommend you have this work done at a hair salon, you can still install I-tip hair extensions at home. Gather the needed tools and check the tutorial on how to install I tip hair extensions carefully before you do.

I tip hair extensions is a great way to obtain the look you want without having to grow your own hair. Yet, make sure you get quality I-tip hair bundles so that they can be more flattering and last longer.

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