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Welcome to LuxShine Hair

Established in 2003, Luxshinehair Import-Export Joint Stock Company is now one of the top hair suppliers from Vietnam.

After many years we have become a valuable brand in supplying good natural hair to international markets.

We commit ourselves to bring customers great products in the shortest time.

Luxshine hair is the embodiment of our quest in helping women to find their true beauty, their true “shine” within themselves. We consider each of us is a rough diamond, waiting to be polished.

As we were born and raised in Oriental culture, we truly understand the significance of hair in a woman’s life. That is why we strive to bring out the best we could offer. Over the past decade, we have been improving ourselves, in order to bring Vietnamese hair extension to the worldwide market. We dedicate ourselves to producing top-quality products at the most affordable prices.

We treat each product as if it was made to be used by our family. At Luxshine hair, we work together as one to achieve the same goal, deliver the best that we could offer. Our materials are ethically selected from trusted donors and handled by skilled workers. We take pride in our craftsmanship and the excellence of our service.

Welcome to Luxshine hair, where you will shine like a diamond.


“Try out and experience one of the most highest quality hair company in Vietnam!”


The duty of Luxshinehair is to supply high-quality products for the global market. Being confident that our products meet international standards, we are still trying to make our products better and better.

We do our best to ensure that our best products can be delivered as soon as possible. We believe that customers deserve the highest quality products and the greatest service. Being our customers, you will always be cared for wholeheartedly.


Ready to bring all the markets our valuable products and services, we are heading to be an international trademark and show the world that we can deliver huge values to customers.

By 2025 Luxshinehair is going to be a multinational corporation and one of the biggest brands in the field of wholesale hair supplying. To achieve this goal, we will open branches in many countries. Becoming the leader – that is our target.

Luxshinehair Ethical Wigs And Weaves Supplier

How We Collect Hair

Thanks to Oriental culture, Luxshine hair inherits an enormous source of hair material. Countless generations of women have perfected the secret to achieving long, silky smooth hair, which in turn provide a stable source of material for the hair extension industry. Our hair comes from trusted donors who have passed our selections. Raw hair then goes through a special process to select the strongest strand to be created into a full-fledge hair extension piece.

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