A Glueless Installation Of Full Lace Wig

This video is a beginner-friendly tutorial that explains the detailed process of wig installation.

To apply a full lace wig properly, it is necessary to understand what is a full lace wig. For full lace wigs, the entire base of the wig is constructed with lace material. Hair strands are hand-knotted on the full lace cap which gives it a realistic look. Whether it’s about style, comfort, or versatility, full lace wigs are the most preferred option. You can part the hair from a convenient position at the front.

As they are made from a 100% hand-tied process, it is more expensive than lace front wigs. They are more durable and offer better styling options. Since the entire base is made from lace, you can style the hair into pony-ups, braids, or up-do without exposing the base material.

Alright, now let’s watch the video to see the detailed instruction and get a perfect style that you want.

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