9 Most impressive curly wedding hairstyles that make you say “WOW!”

Do you know why both hairstylists and brides love curly wedding hairstyles? They are not only gorgeous and elegant, but also impressive so that no one can resist their fantastic look. These hairstyles are easy to combine with accessories and express traditional and modern beauty. Use a headscarf, hairpin or headband with a bun or low braided hair with bobbing curls that will help you shine at your wedding.

If you are looking for a great bridal hairdo for your special day, we will give you some inspirational ideas in this post. Scroll down and enjoy it now.

1. Low Updo for Bridal

Low Updo for Bridal

This is probably the most favorite hairstyle by girls on the wedding day. It’s understandable, because this bridal hairdo offers an elegant beauty that is very suitable for parties. It makes full use of curly hair, there is no fussy but still create a great impression. Even your hair is too long, you can still use this hairstyle. It is done by bunning your entire hair and hiding it inside without exposing the bun. You don’t need any comb because it will be even better if your curls are bulging and there are some released out. A hairpin attached small rock crystal or pearls will create accents for your beautiful hairstyle. Especially, you can transform this low updo style in different versions to make an outstanding appearance.

2. Half-Updo with Braids

Half-Updo with Braids

The braids are often chosen for girls with long hair. Real curly hair fits this hairstyle because it’s thick, you’ll become incredibly feminine and sweet. The braids are usually braided with hair on the sides behind the ears, and then you shape them look like a headband. The hair on the top of your head is inflated, while the ends of the hair are naturally released with smooth curls. Use floral accessories or even real flowers to attach to the location of the braid. No words can describe your wedding hairstyle outside “awesome”. I absolutely fall in love with it.

3. Create side bun

Create side bun

Your dream of becoming a beautiful princess on your wedding day can become a reality. This hairstyle really gives you a romantic, attractive feeling. Your hairstyle will be even better with a bigger bun. Big flowers are interesting suggestions for you to look more prominent.

4. Curly wedding ponytail

Curly wedding ponytail

If you know how to coordinate accessories, you will easily impress thanks to the elegance of a little lovely phase. Luckily, when you own a curly hair, first you drop a piece of the bangs, turn in the middle and release the hair freely, the rest of the hair is tied to the ponytail behind. This hairstyle is especially suitable for those who have long and sparse hair, giving you more confidence with the splendor and glamor of your wedding day. If you like color, dye your hair with some suitable colors to refresh this hairstyle.


5. High chignon curly hair

High chignon curly hair

Curly hair is ideal for creating a high, bulging chignon. Simple and neat hairstyle suitable for brides who have oval faces. It completely helps your face become shine. You need to comb your entire hair and smooth them up towards the top of the head, then you create a perfect bun. You can use crowns or floral round circles to decorate the hairstyle.

6. Twisted flower garden hairstyle

Twisted flower garden hairstyle


If you are an extremely lovely girl, owning a flower garden on your hair on your wedding day is wonderful. Style your curly hair by twisting strands of hair together to form a block at the back, you will need a hair band and some small hairpin to keep fixed for your hair. The last and most interesting step is to use small flowers with many bright colors to attach your hair. Now, you look so cute with this wedding hairstyle.



7. Short curly wedding hair

Short curly wedding hair

No need to have long curly hair, even if your hair is short, you are still extremely pretty on your wedding day. A short hairstyle with a ring or a half-face scarf is a perfect combination. This hairstyle is for brides with young and cute beauty. The short curls fluttered and looked interesting and charming. Try doing it as soon as possible.

8. Straight & Lovely curls

Straight & Lovely curls

The easiest and easiest way to save your time for hairdressing on the wedding day is dropping your curly hair naturally. The only thing you need to do is take care of your curly hair to make it healthy and shiny and your hair should also have the right length. You can use a long headpiece for the bride or any hair accessory that you like. Sure, the man of your life will not be able to take your eyes off you for even a second.

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9. Ombre curly wedding hair

Ombre curly wedding hair

Try to imagine how lovely you will be with curly hair with ombre color. Style, originality will be the words that people must utter when looking at you. Curls were made a new style with color effect. Even if you choose any hairstyle, you will stand out with ombre curly hair from the bun, braided to natural drop. Isn’t it so cool?

With the suggestions that we give above, we hope that you will become the most beautiful bride on your wedding day. However, if you don’t hair natural curly hair, no more worry. You can still choose curly wedding hairstyles for yourself by using curly wigs. Luckily, that is one of our high-quality products. Luxshinehair is a company that specially provide wigs that make you always feel satisfied. Please visit our website to enjoy.

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