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If you have a pixie hairstyle or bob haircut but you want to enhance your look for a fresher hairstyle, hair extensions will be a perfect choice. Have you ever used hair extensions? Whenever you look for hair extensions, you often consider different features of hair like length, color, quality. Hair length is considered to be the most important consideration.

You may think that 6 inch hair extensions is too short to make a difference, that’s wrong. Although it is the shortest one in hair extension length chart, it can still give you glamorous, charming and attractive hairstyles. Keep on reading this article to find out all information about hair extensions of 6 inches. At the same time, you will know why you should choose this hair extension from Luxshinehair.

Description Of 6 Inch Hair Extensions

Actually, all hair length sizes in hair length chart are measured when you stretch it as much as possible. Also, 6 inch hair is about 15 centimeters which is short enough to create bob hairstyles. Therefore, you may have shorter length if you curl your hair.

Nowadays, these hair extensions are mostly made of human hair, so it looks like your own hair and other people can tell that you are wearing hair extensions. Wearing hair extensions is also a great solution if you don’t want to style your weak and thin hair.

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Hair Color Of 6 Inch Hair Extensions

Perfect length and good quality will be nothing if you cannot choose the desired hair color for your hair. To solve this problem, Luxshinehair try to produce impressive colors as many as possible. Luxshinehair supply various colors ranging from basic tones like black or brown to more outstanding tones like blonde, red. You may feel a bit disappointed because we don’t supply light colors such as pink, orange or blue. However, to achieve these colors, your hair need dying and bleaching for many times that directly affect the hair quality. This process also leads to hair dryness, weakness and damage that no one expects. That’s reason why we make hair extensions with medium tones to make sure that your hair always looks healthy and beautiful. Especially, these shades are suitable for women with any skin tone.

Diverse Standards

Luxshinehair supply diverse standards for 6 inch length of all hair types to meet different customers’ demands. When purchasing hair extensions from Luxshinehair, you can choose one among 4 standards which are single drawn hair, double drawn hair type 1, double drawn hair type 2 and super double drawn hair. These standard are basing on the amount of long hair in the bundles. For example, double drawn and super double drawn hair are great for those who want to hide their hair’s shortcomings of thin hair. In contrast, single drawn hair is a good choice if you only need to add volume at some position of your head. In fact, we also supply one-donor which is useful if you want your hair look as natural as possible.

Hairstyles For 6 Inch Hair

As mention above, the hair is very short so that you should choose short straight hairstyles such as pixie straight hair and short bob hair. If you love adding texture to your hair, opt for loose wave hair, they will make you look more outstanding and rebellious. Below, we list some hairstyles that you can try out.

  • Glossy Reddish Brown Bob with V-Cut Layers

Glossy hair is the result of a routine based on your hair’s health. The best way to maintain moisture and shine of your hair is to balance the moisture and protein levels in your hair. It’s necessary to identify the amount of porosity of hair strands to find the best products for your hair. For example, highly porous hair need more protein whereas less porous hair need hydrating care.

Glossy Reddish Brown Bob with V-Cut Layers

  • Textured Wavy Mid-Length Cut

This bob contains a lot of cute flicks, aptly chop, tousle and skillfully tone to make it look stunning like this. Go for this textured choppy bob if you have the length at the nape as 6 inch hair and angle front pieces.

Textured Wavy Mid-Length Cut

After reading this article of 6 inch hair extensions of Luxshinehair, do you have any questions? We always want to receive your response to improve our service. Follow our page to get more information about our hair products. Thanks for reading!

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