6 Fascinating Winter Hairstyles You Can Wear Under A Hat

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In winter season, we easily come across cute girls wearing outfits like coats, hats or scarfs to keep them warm in cold days. When it comes to winter accessories, we must mention an indispensable one – hats. As a matter of fact, hats are lovable and stylish but they also make us put a lot of thought into which hairstyles to wear with different types of hats like beanie, beret, wide-rimmed fedora, etc. Now, don’t worry, if you are seeking for some hat hairstyles, Luxshinehair will give you some great ideas.  

hat winter hairstyles

1. Loose Waves

It is believed that voluminous wavy hair not only flatters your face but also is suitable with almost hat types in winters. No matter which hats you wear, a hairstyle with loose waves still looks great and make you much more beautiful. Although you don’t have natural waves, it is very easy for you to get this look. Using a curling iron and styling your hair in loose waves is considered the quickest and simplest way you can do right at home. It will give you glamorous loose waves and a perfect hat hairstyle.

Loose Waves with a cap

2. Braid with Hat

Braid hairstyles

Another hairstyles you can rock with hats is braid. It is so easy to do and beautiful enough for you to feel confident to walk down streets in windy and cold days. Furthermore, the wonderful combination between a gentle hairstyle like braid and cute hats really create a stylish appearance for girls, which can help them steal the hearts of men.

two French braid and a beanie

At first, you can try two French braids and wear a beanie. This is one of the must-try hairstyles with hat for you in this winter.

a side swept braid with a beanie

In addition, a side swept braid with a beanie is another option for you. A red hat will bring a warm feeling. Now, you don’t need to worry about cold winds every time you go out.

3. Low Ponytails

It seems that low ponytail is not loved by some of girls because they can feel older when sporting this style. But, mixing the low ponytails with winter hats make a difference. Do you believe it? If not, you just try to tie your hair in a loose ponytail and leave some strands falling down around two sides of your face, and then put on any hat you like. We are sure that you will be never disappointed with your new look.

Low Ponytails and hats

A colorful soft scarf can be used to tie your hair, which makes you look gentler and more feminine, compared with a regular hair band. It is worthy trying!

Low Ponytail with a scarf and hat

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4. Natural Straight Hair

Natural Straight Hair under a hat

If you own long and thick natural hair, it is so lucky for you. In this case, you don’t have to do anything to have a gorgeous hat hairstyle. All you need to do is to leave your hair down naturally and then wear a heat. Nothing can prevent you from having appealing hairstyles with hat. 

Long Natural Straight Hair with a hat

What’s more, some bangs can increase the beautifying effect and show off special features on your face, especially your bright eyes.

Natural Straight Hair with Bangs and hat

5. Bob Hairstyle

Needless to say, bob is one of the perfect and cute hairstyles to wear with a hat. While a bob mixing with a beret brings a classic and attractive feeling, the combination of a bob and a cap makes others impressed by the strong and free style. It is obvious that the stylish vibe of bobs can make everything become more fashionable, regardless of any hats you wear. Furthermore, one of the typical strengths of bobs is that it allows you to mix with different clothes or any outfits.

Bob Hairstyles with hat

6. Low Side Bun

If you want to grab the attention to your hair or the hat, this style is what you shouldn’t miss. In case you feel a little bit tired of natural straight hair and want to make something different, try a low side bun. When combining with bangs, this simple hairstyle becomes more adorable, which fits all types of hats.

Low Side Bun under a hat

If you are confused in which hairstyles to try with a hat, the styles mentioned above will be good ideas to start with. Let you look perfect in the eyes of people around only with your simple fashion accessories. Are you ready? Luxshinehair hopes that this post is helpful to you. Wish you choose the best hairstyle to wear under a hat and enjoy an interesting winter season. If you need assistance, Luxshine Hair, top Vietnamese hair vendors, is only a message away! Our team is dedicated to providing you with the assistance you require whenever you reach out. Thanks for your reading!

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