5 Tips To Remove The Damage With Natural Hair

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Have you ever heard about an interesting quote “Life isn’t always perfect but your hair can be”?  That is the reason why you need to put more attention to taking care of your hair because “Invest in your hair. It’s the crown you never take off.” If one day, you suddenly realize that your natural hair becomes rough and crunchy, how do you feel? How terrible it is, right? But, keep calm! This is not the end of the world as every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. So, today we are here to share with you 5 tips to remove the damage with natural hair. Are you ready?

How to remove the damage with natural hair

1. Minimize Washing Your Damaged Natural Hair

Many people usually wonder how many times they should shampoo their natural hair per week.  The best answer for this question is 2-3 times a week. Remember not to wash your hair every day! You might think it will make your natural hair clean, but in fact, shampooing a lot can cause dryness and shedding. It also stimulate the discharge process in your scalp which make your hair oily rapidly.

However, if you have a habit of swimming in the summer or you work out frequently, it’s really a big problem because saltwater, chlorine and perspiration will dehydrate and discolor your hair. Hence, you need to remove all of them quickly after the swimming. In this case, you can use water, mixed with a good co-wash to wash your hair your hair effectively. After every swimming in the pool or hard workout, rinse your natural hair thoroughly, accompanied by a conditioner. Different from kinds of shampoos, conditioners can clean your scalp and hair without making it over-drying.

2. Often Moisturize Your Natural Hair

Your natural hair is getting dry and damaged, and you find it an obsession! So, how to bring it back to life and remove the damage? The best way is to provide your hair with more moisture. It is better to spend your time and money on prestigious salons to have your hair massaged and masked. Thanks to this, your natural hair will become healthy and shiny.

If you are so busy with work and have no time to wait at those salons, buy high-qualified masks of hair to apply them at home. These marks are bought and worn easily by yourself. When it comes to moisturizers, remember to purchase types that really fit you. As a matter of fact, not every moisturizing product works well for everybody. It is important to check to explore whether that moisturize is perfect for you or not.

To save your budget, you can apply some DIY hair masks from natural ingredients which are allergic-free and easy to find.

Massage your scalp at salons


3.  Always condition your natural hair

If you have dry natural hair, there is no reason for you to ignore regular deep conditioning. Do you know that deep conditioning will bring a lot of benefits? One of the most outstanding advantages of this method is to restore moisture for your hair. How can you deep condition properly? It is so easy to do with simple tools. Spread a good deep conditioners on your hair, then cover it with a plastic cap and wait for 2 hours.  It is necessary to add more heat by using a towel to wrap your head. This has a positive effect on promoting conditioner to penetrate into your cuticles. In addition, after each hair wash, you also ought to condition your natural hair.

How to deep condition your natural hair

4. Protect your natural hair from heat styling tools

In many important and big events, you have to change your appearance as well as your hairstyles. Styling your hair by pressing or benching machines is really harmful to it. Besides, some daily heat tools like blow dryers, curling irons and so on also drive your hair to be dry seriously.

The best solution to remove the damage is always to apply hair care products before hair styling in order to stop unwanted damages caused by heat. More importantly, limiting the use of these tools to just once a week can help your dry natural hair to recover faster. If you want to change your hair pattern, let’s try some heatless methods and overnight routine for healthy and natural hair.

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5. Wear protective hairstyles

To protect your hair from splitting and breaking, usually wearing protective styles such as braids, cornrows, buns, or chignons is one of the most effective methods. These hairstyles will help to protect your ends as well as reduce dryness and breakage.

A braided crown hairstyle

We hope that our 5 above tips are helpful to remove the damage in your natural hair. If you have any other tips, please share them with us in the comment section. Continue to read our articles to learn more about different hair care tips or our types of Vietnam hair extensions. I wish your hair would always be beautiful and healthy.


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