Among different types of hair extensions, tape hair extensions are trusted by many women. This writing will be a great source of information if you are intending to get this type of hair extensions.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose tape hair extensions.

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Time-saving hair extensions

Compared to other types of hair extensions like sew-in hair extensions and fusion hair extensions, the time for installing tape hair extensions is short. It takes you less than one hour to complete the installation and you do not have to spend much time sitting in a hair salon.

Additionally, the removal process of tape is also quick and easy. You can do it at home as well if you have professional products for it.

Tape hair extensions are time-saving

Low cost

First of all, this type is one of the most cheapest hair extensions. Also, the application cost is much more cheaper. In case you can do it at home, no more fee charged! Additionally, reusability is one of its perks contributing in saving your budgets.

At the same time, tape hair extensions are in low maintenance.

Seamless look

Tape hair extensions are invisible

Tape hair extensions are invisible as the extensions lie flush against your head. It seems like you cannot feel them and other people cannot realize that you are wearing hair extensions. We mean that tape hair extensions give you a natural seamless look.


Tape hair extensions are flexible

The first reason why tape hair extensions are flexible is that you can wear them in any hairstyle such as braids, ponytails and buns.

Additionally, tape hair extensions never fall out even when you play sports or working. They are very user-friendly.

Tape hair extensions should be applied by trained professionals

Although tape hair extensions are super easy to apply, there are many tricks to ensure that there is no damage for hair. If you have one of your friends or your relatives apply your tape hair extensions, your tape hair extensions can slip out faster than expected they do not have any training and they have not really worked much with tape hair extensions.

Tape hair extensions should be applied by trained professionals

Therefore, tape hair extensions should be applied by a trained professional in a salon, someone who is certified in tape hair extensions because throughout his or her training, he or she may gain a lot of practice and learn all the tips and tricks when it comes to tape hair extensions.

In addition, a professional can know what type of extension method you will need. There are two different methods when it comes to tape hair extensions.

– Double-sided tape installation is the method in which the hairstylist sandwich two pieces of tape hair extensions in between your natural hair. However, if you have thin hair, the double-sized method may not be best for you. Someone with thin or fine hair should not choose the double-sized method because their hair can’t hold the wefts.

– Single-sized tape installation is perfect for women with thin hair. Instead of sandwiching two wefts together, you just need one.

If you want to know more about different types of hair extensions, visit our website and choose a hair extensions which makes you most satisfied.


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