Top 5 braiding pattern for sew in with leave out

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When it comes to installing a sew-in weave, the first and foremost thing is to create a solid and flat foundation. And cornrow is not the only option for your foundation. There are many other ways to prep your hair for a sew-in. While choosing a braiding pattern is important, have you know which one is the right pattern for your hair and style? Check out the list of braiding patterns for sew-in with leave out below and select one for your next sew-in installation.

Why is it important to choose the right braiding pattern for sew in with leave out?

How you braid your hair for your sew-in matters. You should take some time to choose the best one for your hair. So, why is that?

  • It protects your hair: When done correctly, keeping your hair in braids helps protect it from damage caused by the environment. Your hair is not exposed to any dangerous heat equipment, products, or environmental stressors when it is braided beneath your sew-in.
  • It affects the style of your hair: The fact that the braid pattern you choose will affect the versatility of your hair is the most obvious reason to spend your time choosing it. You won’t need anything particularly complicated if all you want is lovely deep-wave hair with a middle part (using deep wavy weave hair). But you should certainly think about more intricate and adaptable braiding designs if you want to be able to create ponytails, buns, or half-up, half-down hairstyles.
  • It affects your look: The braid technique you choose will affect how the extensions rest on your head. The sew-in could lift and appear unnatural if the braiding pattern is poorly performed and causes it to not lay down flat.

Braiding pattern for sew in with leave out


Due to its extraordinary versatility, the vixen braiding pattern has become more and more popular. With this braiding technique, you will have more leave-out spaces than most other braiding patterns. This allows you to separate your hair in a variety of ways. However, since this braiding style gives more space for leave-out, it is less protective than other styles.

In order to make the 4-way vixen braid down, you must divide your hair into 4 equal parts, with a band of leave-out between each quadrant. Each section is spiral-braided, and hair wefts are stitched onto the cornrows. Then, style your leave out to cover the tracks.

Braiding pattern for sew in with leave out: Vixen
Braiding pattern for sew in with leave out: Vixen

Straight back with side part

Side part cornrows can help you achieve your preferred style more naturally. And they are perfect for hairstyles with deep side parts or bangs. By leaving out a couple of inches on either side of the part when using this braiding pattern for sew in with leave out, you can braid the hair straight back and down the sides.

This look enables you to get the wildly popular deep part style with those gorgeous, dramatic flipped bangs we all adore. However, it does not provide you with a lot of versatility for parting. This is a fantastic option if you’re fine with using the same part for a month or two.

Straight back with leave out
Straight back with leave out


Diagonal is similar to the straight-back technique, but your hair turns diagonally back instead of straight back. Depending on how protective you want your style to be, you or your stylist can make a sew in with or without a leave-out. This pattern complements hairdos with swooping bangs or parts that sit diagonally.

Braiding pattern for sew in with leave out: Diagonal
Braiding pattern for sew in with leave out: Diagonal


The zigzag braid is another common choice for sew-ins. With this technique, your hair is cornrowed into rows that move horizontally back and forth across your scalp. Zig-zag is ideal for any style with multiple layers if you properly section the braids. You can also change up your parting style by adjusting where the zigzags are placed.

Zig zag braid for sew in
Zig zag braid for sew in


A circular braid pattern like a beehive is definitely ideal if you’re planning to achieve a full sew-in. The beehive is the classic circular braiding pattern for people seeking a durable, protective look.

Beehive braids
Beehive braids

With this technique, you will braid your hair in a circle, starting on the outside and finishing in the middle. A flat, tidy braid is the end product, which is ideal for all sew-ins, including short wigs and hair extensions.

However, a beehive is not a great option for straight hair since there is no part.

If you intend to make a sew-in with leave out, these above 5 picks for braiding patterns for sew in with leave out will help you make a perfect foundation. Check them out and enjoy your new look!

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