28 inch deep wave human hair weave of Luxshinehair

Growing your own hair is a long race with a lot of cautions because the hair ends cannot receive enough nutrients. This part is fragile and has tendency to get damaged easily. Especially, natural coarse hair girls gets more struggle in taking care of their hair properly.

However, you can own a dreaming long lock with an attractive look immediately with wavy hair extensions. Among them, 28 inch deep wave human hair weave is a great choice for an amazing brand new appearance.

Today, We proudly introduce you our beautiful products in this article, please scroll down for the details.

28 inch deep wave human hair weave

What is 28 inch deep wave human hair weave?

Human hair weave

Weave hair extensions are made by sewing hair into a strip to create “a weft”. Thus, we also call it as weft hair extensions. There are 2 kinds for this type including single weft and double weft.

Single weft has 1 line of track only which is usually really thin and long. Thus, it cannot hold much hair and get shedding sometimes.

Double weft is a twofold of single weft. To avoid the thick track, some factory won’t overlap them but sew the second line under the first one. With more thread and glue, this type is thicker and shedding-free. At the same time, the shorter track help the application process time-saving.

Mentioning to human hair in beauty industry, we are talking about hair collected directly from the donors with cuticle aligned. It can be Remy hair or Virgin hair, but they remain their beauty. To get the difference between these human hair types, follow our blog and you will find out.

single weft vs. double weft

Hair length

While measuring the hair length, you need to stretch the hair as much as possible. Many people misunderstanding about this leading to arguing with hair salesman. As you can see from the standards below, wavy hair tends to 2 inch shorter than straight hair. However, for deep wave pattern, it can turns to 4 inch in difference.

28 inch is equivalent to 70 centimeters. It seems not too long when think about numbers only. In fact, it can reach to hip length, tailbone length or even longer if you are not really tall. Get more information about hair length guide here.

Features of 28 inch deep wave human hair weave

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No tangle, no shedding.

Luxshinehair guarantee to supply you 100% Vietnam human hair. We have both Remy hair and Virgin hair with the best quality in hair market. They are all cuticle aligned which leading to tangle-free products. Hence, you can take care it as your natural hair.

As we mention above, there are 2 types for weave hair extensions with clearly pros. Undoubtedly, Luxshinehair choose double weft for shedding-free purpose. At the same time, you can have thicker hair and comfortable installation.

Long lifespan

Vietnamese hair is famous for well maintenance with organic hair care recipes. Thanks to careful hair routine, it’s soft, smooth and shiny amazingly. In general, our 28 inch deep wave human hair weave can last for 1-2 years with proper care. For Virgin hair from one donor, it can remain its beauty up to 3 years and above.

Variety in color

After many years joining international hair markets, we realize big demands in hair colors. At that point, Luxshinehair build ourselves a palette including 33 single shades from black to brown and blonde to meet end needs of customers. Besides, we also apply them into ombre hairstyles and mixed colors hairstyles. One of the outstanding perks of Luxshinehair is our professional factory. Here, we can design your hair tints basing on your request in any hues, any ratio between them, etc.

Hair standards

As other vendors in Vietnam, we have 4 standards with distinguished thickness for clients to choose.

  • Single drawn quality (A)
  • Double drawn quality type 1 (A+)
  • Double drawn quality type 2 (A++)
  • Super double drawn quality (A+++)

Why do we need to divide them this way? Because the thicker it is, the higher price is. Customers have more option to have high quality products with the most reasonable price. At the same time, they can choose the fullness of the hair for a natural or extra-volume look.

Hair standards

Beautiful hairstyles for 28 inch deep wave human hair weave

Side-part styles

Oldie but goodie. The weaves themselves are beautiful and glamorous with impressive length and amazing textures. No need to make anything complicated, just make a side-part style and you look gorgeous immediately. If you want a remarkable hairdo, a flower or diamond hair clips will make sense.

side-part 28 inch deep wave human hair weave

Half up half down bun(s)

You can make one or two buns as below. This hairstyles absolutely gives you a 3-year-old-younger look. At the same time, it exudes the free and wild vibes. You can make this hairdo for daily life and occasional events such as party, wedding, prom, etc. as well. We want to note that you need to have vixen application method or else, you cannot make it seamless for sure.

Buns 28 inch deep wave human hair weave

Low ponytail

To achieve this look, you should take a quick weave ponytail or sew-in weave ponytail instead of braids sew-in. Thus, you should have enough hair length to make a small natural hair braid where the weave will attach to.

Low ponytail 28 inch deep wave human hair weave

We bet that you cannot deny the beauty of our 28 inch deep wave human hair weave after this post. It is not only the best one for Rapunzel look, but also versatile for tons of hairdos. Don’t live a boring life, let’s rock it up with a brand new look now.

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