11 Short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins

Now, more and more women tend to love short hairstyles because of its modern and unique beauty. However, each different face will match different short hairstyles. This became a concern for some girls. Especially, with the girls who have fat faces and double chins, which short hairstyle is ideal for them? So, here are the top 11 short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins that we want to show you today.

A person with a fat face always knows their faces are quite large, not slim. Those who own this face often have a strong body and some have short necks and double chins. But not all short hairstyles are not suitable for fat face and double chins. If you choose the right short hairstyle and styled perfectly, you will be able to hide the defects of the face and become more beautiful and confident.

1. Long Layers Pixie cuts

This hairstyle is absolutely a great idea for fat faces and double chins. Pixie hairstyles with trimmed layers that are meticulous and natural. In particular, the hair is trimmed short in front, can be gently bent and dropped into the face to create a feeling of covering the width of the fat face. Your face will become slim and charming slightly.

Long Layers Pixie cuts

2. Layers bob

Similar to the Long layers pixie hairstyle but it is cut shorter and usually does not turn. Layers of hair trimmed from ear to chin and clawed forward to embrace your face. This hairstyle makes your face look smaller with a slimmer chin. It also brings beauty and youthful vitality.

Layers bob


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3. Short Bob with Bangs

Still, the way to apply bob hairstyle, when you add side bangs to it, you will get a perfect slim face. If you still worry that having short hair will make you look more masculine, this is a great choice for you. A short hairstyle still keeps the grace of every girl.

4. Short curly

With a longer length, you can think of curling hair with attractive and attractive beauty. This hairstyle is also suitable for fat faces thanks to the natural buoyancy of curls that create balance with face size. If you own double chins, it will be even awesome because you look so sweet.

Short curly

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5. Unbalanced pixie hairstyles

This is a unique and wonderful short hairstyle to obscure your fat face. Hairstyles are cut in multiple layers with a short side to the ears and the other side holds the length to the chin. You can create lightly curls for longer hair sections and drop naturally forward. This makes your double chins feel longer. Want to have more idea for pixie hairstyles in 2020? Click here.

Unbalanced pixie hairstyles

6. Vintage long pixie

Vintage long pixie to slimmer fat faces and double chinsThe hairstyle is suitable for those who love elegant, gentle beauty. The hair layers are not trimmed much, keep the length as well as the ideal fullness. Hollywood stars are often familiar with this hairstyle. For girls with fat faces and double chin, look at Adele with this short hairstyle. She is also a girl with a strong body and she always loves this style.

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7. Wavy short hair with undercut

This hairstyle is refreshed with hair waves and a slight undercut in the top layer. Combine it with outstanding colors like blonde, silver,… to create more amazing effects. The hair on the back of the neck is cut quite high to reveal more of your neck. Hairstyle helps your face look more symmetrical and harmonious.

Wavy short hair with undercut for fat faces and double chins

8. Straight short hair and embrace face

A medium length bob haircut with straight hair and embrace your face is very useful in reducing the face. It is cut simple but still extremely beautiful and feminine. Therefore, this short hairstyle is quite popular. The women who have a fat face can completely trust to choose this hairstyle for themselves.

Straight short hair and embrace face for fat faces and double chins

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9. Short hair with side crimp

Look so nice with the side swept layered hairstyle and big waves will diminish the chubby features of your face. You should dye some deep color tones for this short hairstyle and combining colors is also a good idea. With this short hairstyle, you can confidently go to work or go for a walk. To it look always perfectly, use a portable hair curler if necessary.

Short hair with side crimp for fat faces and double chins

10. Straight bob with front bang

Still, the straight bob hairstyle is simple but becomes more lovely with the bang in front of the forehead. You don’t need to worry about your fat faces and double chins anymore because when you apply this hairstyle, your face looks extremely cute and slender. To increase everyone’s attention, combine sweet colors like purple, pink,… will make you look like “a sweet candy girl”.

Straight bob with front bang


11. Medium short hair with sparse bangs

Hairstyles are cut naturally and softly across the shoulders. The sparse bangs have the effect of making your face smaller. The hairstyle is very suitable for those who love natural beauty and gentle personality.

Medium short hair with sparse bangs for fat faces and double chins

It is not wrong to say that short hair is an interesting choice for women with a fat face and double chin. Next, to the top 11 short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins, we can also meet the needs of choosing hairstyles for you. If you have thin or hard hair to style, you can think about using hair extensions to make it easier to choose your favorite hairstyle. We solve all your problems with high-quality hair extensions products with diverse designs and lengths. Please visit Luxshinehair hair to discover more!

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