Best Bob Haircuts For Women In 2019

Many people think that there are just a few hairstyles for short hair. But get rid of that thought right away because you will have to be amazed at how many haircuts you can rock, no matter how short your hair is. Below are top 11 flattering bob haircuts that Luxshinehair wants to introduce to you. Keep reading to discover these amazing short hairstyles to get your dreaming look.

bob haircuts

Voluminous Curly Bob

This bob haircut is suitable for women with thin hair and finding a voluminous hairstyle. You can own a really different look thanks to this unique hairstyle which makes your curls wonderful. This is a curly bob loved by many girls who have natural hair.

Voluminous Curly Bob 1


Curly Bob with Bangs

Have you ever try bob haircuts with bangs? Many women fall in love with this gorgeous and impressive haircut. You can see a mysterious and attractive beauty flattered from girls wearing the curly bob with bangs, which always attracts the attention of anyone. That is the reason why this bob haircut with bangs is all the rage among females.

Curly Bob with Bangs

Middle Part Curly Bob

Another curly bob haircut which you might be interested in is middle part curly bob. If you have nice ringlets, this curly short bob will definitely complement your figure as well as make you look so surprising. A new short bob haircut for a perfect vibe, why not?

Middle Part Curly Bob haircut

Vintage Curly Bob

New hairstyles come and go but vintage curly short hairstyles still remain their position in the hearts of women. Normally, we are fond of admiring hairstyles that have changed through different periods. And why does the vintage curly bob steal girls’ heart? It is just because it helps them show off awesome texture and bring a cute but attractive look that almost women are lusting after.

Vintage Curly Hairstyle


Messy Short Bob

A cute haircut is what you are seeking for, messy shor bob is a perfect choice for you. Girls will look much younger and more adorable thanks to this stylish and cute bob haircut. What does this hairdo bring to wearers? To be honest, the messy bob can help frame your face as well as add definition to show off specific facial features. A lot of girls choose this haircut to get a young and active look. What do you think about the messy short bob hairstyle? To know how it works, why don’t you check it by yourself?

Messy Short Bob


Triangular Curly Bob

Triangular curly bob is another curly short haircuts for you to rock this year. It is obvious that this is one of the super pretty bob haircuts that makes women younger and more attractive. As you can see in this picture, the triangular curly bob looks so cute with straight roots and  curly locks at the ends, which turns it into the special haircut loved by a lot of females, especially young women.

Triangular Curly Bob

Shaved-On-The-Side Bob

For a cool appearance, just find shaved-on-the-side bob. Actually, this bob haircut is suitable with those having strong characteristics. But, it doesn’t mean that you cannot rock this fantastic hairdo. If you want to change your image completely, this bob is one of the must-try hairstyles. You might see many girls so cool in leather jackets, tattoos, boots, and especially a special haircut. And sometimes, you think “if only I look like them”. So, start with a small change – changing hair. This bob will definitely give you a feeling of being bold like those girls.

Shaved On The Side Bob

Wavy Bob with Bangs

If short bob haircuts with light curls are your cup of tea, it is exactly this hairstyle-wavy bob with bangs. A short wavy bob works well with black color and straight bangs so that it surely looks so amazing when worn by you.

Wavy Bob with Bangs

Wavy Layered Bob

This is another wavy bob haircut for you this season. Layered bob with waves is an amazing haircut for girls, especially those with strong characteristics. It will give you a cool appearance that helps to show your personality and makes a statement for your confidence.

Wavy Layered Bob


Blunt Wavy Bob

The structured cut and simple blunt waves make an awesome bob haircut. You can color your hair with bright color as in the photo to make yourself look like a star of center. This is one of the most prevalent haircut in 2019 so that you should update and try to get a new appearance.

Blunt Wavy Bob

Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

If you want to own a cool look, why don’t you try asymmetrical wavy bob? You will never be disappointed for what this haircut brings for you. An unequal and asymmetrical bob, along with highlights, is an amazing method to gain a mesmerizing vibe.

Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

Inverted Bob Haircut

This belongs to one of the trendiest bob haircuts in recent days. If you are looking for a low maintenance hairstyle for your busy days, this bob haircut is the key. Not only is the inverted bob haircut stylish but it also suits parties. Therefore, you can definitely feel confident to wear it when participating in parties with your friends.

Inverted Bob

Straight Bob with Bangs

Bangs is suitable with all texture and straight bob is no exception. The combination between straight bob and bangs will satisfy your demand for a casual but beautiful look. It is so easy to create and requires little maintenance. This is the straight bob haircut that is worth trying for any occasions.

Straight Bob with Bangs


Asymmetrical Straight Bob

Bob haircuts for women grow in popularity recently for its convenience as well as beautifying effects. And asymmetrical bob for straight hair is one of the names we must mention when it comes to bob haircuts. It is amazing and appropriate for all seasons so that you can wear it whenever you want.

Asymmetrical Straight Bob

People said that “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”. But sometimes you don’t need any reason for a new cut, just because you like. So, doing what you like is the way making you happy. Do you opt for any bob haircuts for yourself? Luxshinehair hopes that this article will help you open your mind about gorgeous and cool bob hairstyles. Thanks for watching!

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